MAD Crowdfunding Campaign Design

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MAD Crowdfunding Campaign Design by Mind Map: MAD Crowdfunding  Campaign Design

1. Stakeholders

1.1. College students

1.1.1. Needs Make a difference Find a job Pass competitive exams Meet new people Take on a challenge Do/learn something interesting

1.1.2. Characteristics Limited free time - after college hours, on sundays Have busy schedules, appreciate flexibility

1.2. College Authorities

1.2.1. Job placements for students

1.2.2. Engaged students

1.2.3. Positive image amongst public

1.2.4. Disciplined students

1.2.5. Low hastle

1.3. Donors

1.3.1. Make a difference

1.3.2. Tax rebate

1.3.3. Social pressure

1.4. MAD

1.4.1. Long term engaged donors

1.4.2. Brand visibility

1.4.3. Significant funds raised by fundraisers

2. Campaign Format

2.1. Structure

2.1.1. Short Workshops with modules that can be arranged in a flexible way depending on time constraints

2.1.2. Continuos phone bank workshop

2.1.3. Day long workshop

2.2. Engagement strategies

2.2.1. Badges for achieving different skills/outcomes

3. Campaign Content

3.1. Motivators

3.1.1. Cause connect videos, stories, feedback online engagement

3.1.2. Speed dating session with other fundraisers

3.2. Fundraising skills

3.2.1. Running initiatives and events

3.2.2. Network Mapping

3.2.3. Donor Segmentation

3.2.4. Pitching

3.2.5. Roadmapping

3.3. Enabler skills

3.3.1. Brainstorming

3.3.2. Coaching

3.3.3. Tiny habits

3.4. Fundraising activites

3.4.1. War room

4. Fundraiser Engagement Strategies

4.1. Fundraisers can level up with badges based on outcomes they have hit through new skills they have learnt