Food Allergies

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Food Allergies by Mind Map: Food Allergies

1. eggs

2. milk

3. wheat

3.1. bread

3.2. soy

4. nuts

4.1. tree nuts

4.2. peanus

5. fish

5.1. shellfish

6. Red flags indicate the 8 most common allergies that account for 90% of allergic reactions.

7. Allergic reactions to food can range from mild to severe. Symptoms show within 5-30 minutes after exposure. Exposure can happen by ingestion , inhalation or skin contact.

8. Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that comes on quickly and can be deadly.

8.1. Severe allergic reactions can often be treated with epinephrine.

9. There is no cure for allergic reactions, but there are ways to avoid allergens.

9.1. Allergic reactions are often treated with epinephrine, which is commonly seen as "epipens".

10. Reading ingredients is important for people with allergies. If there are no ingredients listed, then the product shouldn't be consumed.

11. Allergic reactions can occur due to cross contamination.

11.1. Cross contamination can occur when allergens touch foods surfaces, cookware, utensils.