Career Trajectory

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Career Trajectory by Mind Map: Career Trajectory

1. Culture

1.1. identity

1.1.1. Recognise my own culture and identity. Identitify how my own cultural views impact positively or negatively on others and myself.

1.2. Innovation

1.2.1. Adds growth to workplace. Be open to learning new things. Make a conscience effort to try new things.

1.3. People focused

1.3.1. I appreciate and would like to work within a people focused culture. Would like to look for work involved in making a difference in people's lives.

1.4. team focused

1.4.1. I value team focused work environments. I recognise I am limited in my capabilities and appreciate what other people offer. However at the same time I recognise my own capabilities as being valuable to others also to a team. Reflexity

1.5. task orieted

1.5.1. Accomplishing tasks is important to me because setting small tasks can lead to accomplishing goals and milestones. Set realistic and focused tasks that result in me heading towards and achieving goals. Make a written plan.

2. Values

2.1. Ethics

2.1.1. Freedom and power to choose. choice My choices are often based on empathy which is often good but can be problematic because I can neglect the importance of boundaries.

2.2. Motives

2.2.1. Decision making Understand what is motivating me. What am I feeling?

2.2.2. Gratification

2.3. Sustainability vs economic growth

2.3.1. I tend to lean towards an organisation that is sustainable and works towards or atleast provides a frame work of ethics that promote pro-social interactions.

2.4. Both sustainability and economic growth could be incorporated.

3. Personality

3.1. Personality traits

3.1.1. Understanding my strongest personality traits helps me understand how my strengths can help me and give me confidence. Identify my strongest personality traits. Optimistic, compassionate, empathetic, listening skills.

3.2. Capabilities and limitations

3.2.1. Realistic goal setting Set tasks Write down and prioritise tasks.

3.3. Relationships

3.3.1. Build sustainable relationships Understand and accept my own and others limitations. Identify ways in which to deal and accept limitations.

3.3.2. Build Support system Understand what traits you are strong in and also what traits I need to work on. Challenge myself to talk to people I don't know.

3.3.3. Boundaries Understand we are all different. I have a problem setting boundaries, so boundary setting is a goal of mind.

3.4. Motivations

3.4.1. Intrinsic Personal growth Learning, discovering, deeper connections.

3.4.2. Extrinsic Financial stability Formal qualification, Career, respect.

4. Diversity

4.1. Cultural awareness

4.1.1. Understanding Make an effort be involved or appreciate other peoples culture's. Attend cultural events, learn culture concepts and meanings.

4.2. Respect

4.3. World views

4.3.1. Understand my worldview. Examine my own world view. Christian, Female, Mother, New Zealander , Niuean(ethnicity), Personality, Biology etc.

5. Leadership

5.1. Resilience

5.1.1. Coping skills Learning from failure and not personalising a put down or criticism.

5.2. Learning

5.2.1. Appreciate what I can learn from other people. Operate within a supportive environment. Consult with others who you trust or are experienced when having difficulty making a decision.

5.3. Psychology

5.3.1. Use pschology to understand peoples behaviour.

5.4. Decision making

5.4.1. Involves good research skills. Finding out what is an effective way to do something. Statistics, Surveys, Meetings.

5.5. Ethics

5.5.1. Values influence how ethnics are upheld and practiced in leadership. What do I value?

5.6. Leadership style

5.6.1. autocratic

5.6.2. Democratic

5.6.3. Lasseiz-Faire I tend to lean towards this style.

5.7. Interpersonal skills

5.7.1. .

5.7.2. Applying good interpersonal skills to leadership is essential for a healthy workplace. Make a active effort to practice interpersonal skills. Seek and find opportunities that develop my interpersonal skills. E.g, Volunteering, find a mentor, social activities.

5.8. Networking

5.8.1. Find people with the knowledge to help you achieve career goals. Teachers, friends, family members, psychologists, organisations.

5.8.2. Online platforms: social media, websites Linkedin, facebook, Seek, organisation or company websites.

6. Wellbeing

6.1. Holistic Health

6.1.1. Mental Self-care Practice self-care Self-love Love what makes you unique Self-compassion Be kind to your self.

6.1.2. Spiritual Connection

6.1.3. Physical Getting enough excercise. Making time to exercise. Physical health impacts to mental health. Make sure to prioritise physical health. I have had health issues that need monitoring. Nutrition and hydration Make sure to prioritise nutrition and drinking water because it also impacts mental health. Age

6.1.4. Financial Evaluating resources. My financial circumstances requires budgeting. I am unemployed at the moment. I am studying full-time. Allocating resources

6.1.5. Social Support and connection Identify my support I have experienced long-term isolation. Fun and expression Laughing Music Leisure Connection Develop existing friend ships and family relationships. Develop new friendships and acquaintance.