What does inquiry in SS look like?

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What does inquiry in SS look like? by Mind Map: What does inquiry in SS look like?

1. Galileo Inquiry rubric

1.1. Authenticity

1.2. academic rigor

1.3. Assessment

1.4. Life skills

1.4.1. New node

1.5. Appropriate used of technology

1.6. Active exploration

1.7. Connecting with experts

1.7.1. New node

1.8. elaborated communication

1.9. Compassion

2. Inquiry is about kids learning to behave and act in a certain way of thinking

2.1. New node

3. Inquiry is a disposition

4. Good teachers get their students to create and participate in their learning

5. Globally Minded

6. Current events and having kids connect to it

7. Students are engaged

8. Rooted in the real world

8.1. Technology

9. Bringing in topics that have enough space for students to explore

10. Asking "why?" instead of just giving activities, give students a driving question

11. Analyzing and unpacking the information

12. Critical thinking Consortium

13. Base the students thinking beyond dates, establish historical significance

14. Historical perspectives and comparing to what they understand in our community now

15. Dangerous teaching and unasked questions. Social studies should get students to critique society