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Retrospective by Mind Map: Retrospective

1. Preparation

1.1. Calendar

1.1.1. Room

1.1.2. People

1.2. Topics

1.2.1. from team

1.2.2. from coach / PO

1.3. Material

1.3.1. Story Cards White Yellow Blue

1.3.2. Task Cards

1.3.3. Post-it

1.3.4. Poker Cards

1.3.5. rubber

1.3.6. Pencils

1.3.7. notebook

1.4. Room

1.4.1. food

1.4.2. drinks

1.4.3. Beamer, Notebook

1.5. Coach

1.5.1. Mindset

2. Participants

2.1. team

2.2. po

2.3. sm

3. Agenda

3.1. Set the Stage

3.1.1. Check in what is one word that describes what you need for yourself from this session in a word or two: what are your hopes for the retrospective

3.1.2. ESVP Explorer Eager to discover new ideas and insights. They want to learn everything they can about the iteration/release/project Shopper Looks over all the available information and will be happy to go home with one useful new idea Vacationer not interested in the work of retrospective, but happy to be away from the daily grind. May pay attention some of the time, but mostly glad to be out of office. Prisoner Forced to attend and would rather be doing something else.

3.2. Gather Data

3.2.1. Color Code Dots

3.2.2. Satisfaction Histogram

3.2.3. Team Radar

3.2.4. Timeline Announce Timeline (affinity) Groups up to 5 Describe process Think about release All memorable moments Ten minutes

3.3. Generate Insights

3.3.1. Brainstorming

3.3.2. Five Whys

3.3.3. Fishbone

3.3.4. Prioritze with Dots

3.3.5. Report out with synthesis, p.95 Purpose: share ideas from many small groups Progress bar, für präsi und fragen Find common threads Questions Whichever ideas have the greatest chance of success? What is it about those items that you have energy for? Which ideas do you have energy to tackle? What's your overall impression of these ideas? Which ideas would you like to take into the next iteration?

3.4. Decide what to do

3.4.1. Retrospective Planning Game

3.4.2. SMART Goals Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Timely

3.4.3. Circle of Questinos

3.5. close the retrospective

3.5.1. Return On Time Invested

3.5.2. +/Delta Identify strengths for next retro

4. Goals

4.1. goal 1

4.2. goal 2

4.3. goal 3

5. Legend

5.1. Priority Importance indicators

5.1.1. High Priority

5.1.2. Medium Priority

5.1.3. Low Priority

5.2. Task Completion indicators

5.2.1. Not Started

5.2.2. 25% complete

5.2.3. 50% complete

5.2.4. 75% complete

5.2.5. Done

6. Action Items

6.1. Action Item 1

7. Notes