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FinaClue by Mind Map: FinaClue

1. Context

1.1. FinaClue is a The Cash Management System

1.1.1. The product will give to user a forecast for the 52 weeks if he filled data for the first 13 week period Also, user can import reports from his QuickBooks or Excel account

1.2. The product will used by financial advisors to explore customer's financial reports and give them advises how to improve a forecast

2. Use Cases

2.1. Main use case: fill data for outflow and inflow for P&L chart and KPIs

2.2. 2nd use case: try to create some different simulations with the financial advisor to reach a goal

3. System Items

3.1. Company

3.1.1. ❗️Name

3.2. User

3.2.1. ❗️Full Name

3.2.2. ❗️Email

3.2.3. ❗️Password

3.2.4. ❗️Role User can be only in one role Roles list

3.3. Transactions (AP or AR)

3.3.1. ❗️Vendor name

3.3.2. ❗️Invoice Number

3.3.3. ❗️Invoice Date

3.3.4. if AP 🔘Expense Type 🔘Requirable or not

3.3.5. if AR 🔘Requirable or not

3.3.6. ❗️Amount

3.3.7. ❗️Date

3.3.8. 🔘Override Amount

3.3.9. 🔘Override Date

3.4. Subscription Plan

4. Roles list

4.1. Admin

4.1.1. Creator of the "Company"

4.1.2. Read and write access for all types of the data

4.1.3. 👤 Read & write

4.2. Employees

4.2.1. Some "Company" employees which are working for the company might be integrated to the system. May be accountants, CFO or others.

4.2.2. Read and write access for all types of the data

4.2.3. 👤 Read only

4.3. Consultant

4.3.1. Read only

5. Customer Side

5.1. Sign Up

5.1.1. ❗️Full Name

5.1.2. ❗️Email

5.1.3. 🔘Position

5.1.4. ❗️Create Password

5.1.5. By clicking "Sign Up" you agree to FinaClue's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

5.1.6. 🕹Sign Up

5.2. Sign Up in "Company" via Invitation link for employee

5.2.1. You have been invited to join Merge on FinaClue

5.2.2. ❗️Full Name

5.2.3. ❗️Email

5.2.4. ❗️Phone

5.2.5. 🔘Position

5.2.6. ❗️Create Password

5.2.7. By clicking "Sign Up" you agree to FinaClue's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

5.2.8. 🕹Sign Up

5.3. Send Request

5.3.1. Proffessinal Financial Consulting For Your Business

5.3.2. Get financial advice based on your business expenses and receivables to grow profit instantly!

5.3.3. ❗️Full Name

5.3.4. ❗️Email

5.3.5. ❗️Phone

5.3.6. 🔘Position

5.3.7. "By clicking «Send» you agree to FinaClue's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy."

5.3.8. 🕹send request

5.4. Log In

5.4.1. ❗️Email

5.4.2. ❗️Password

5.4.3. 🕹Log In

5.4.4. 🕹Reset Password Your Email Confirmation link on email

5.5. Company Settings

5.5.1. Categories Item Categories Name Revenue Expense 🕹Edit 🕹Delete 🕹Add new category ❗️Category name ☑️Can be used with Revenue items ☑️Can be used with Expense items 🕹Save

5.5.2. Users Only if user_role is Admin

5.6. User Settings

5.6.1. Admin Photo "You can upload jpg or png image files" 🕹Upload/edit 🕹Delete Role ❗️Full Name 🔘Position ❗️Email ❗️Phone Number 🕹Change Password Current Password Disable Account Only if user_role is Admin "The page can be restored with all previous data saved. To restore your account, contact support." 🕹Disable Account

5.6.2. Employee Photo "You can upload jpg or png image files" 🕹Upload/edit 🕹Delete Role ❗️Full Name 🔘Position ❗️Email ❗️Phone Number 🕹Change Password Current Password

5.7. Simulations Dashboard

5.7.1. Empty State 🕹Start Creating ❗️Simulation Name ❗️Starting date📆 (1st week ending date) ❗️Access ❗️Period ❗️Starting Balance 🕹Save 🕹Cancel ✖️Close

5.7.2. Filled state Search Started simulation previous week Filter # Week Simulations List 🕹Name # Weeks Starting date Starting Cash Ending Cash 🕹 Actions Overview 🕹Create New Simulation ❗️Simulation Name ❗️Starting date📆 (1st week ending date) ❗️Access ❗️Period ❗️Starting Balance 🕹Save 🕹Cancel ✖️Close

5.8. 🕹 Chat with Advisor

5.8.1. Opens chat Advisor's info in header Full Name Email Phone number Dialog

6. Advisor

6.1. Superadvisor

6.1.1. Sign Up "You have been invited to join FinaClue as advisor. Create an account to log in." Name (Disabled) Email (Disabled) Phone Password Sign Up🕹

6.1.2. Advisors Search Add new advisor Full Name Email Role Send Invitation🕹 Advisors List Superadvisor Profile Advisor Profile

6.1.3. Companies Companies list company info

6.1.4. Requests Requests list № Name Phone number Email Request date Status Advisor

6.2. Advisor

6.2.1. Dashboard Company dropdown Company info CEO Phone Email Register date Staff Simulations Simulations Name Creating date # weeks Starting cash Ending cash Enter simulation🕹 Tickets Search Dialogs

7. System Rules

7.1. Company

7.1.1. User is allowed to create his own workspace — "Company"

7.2. Simulation

7.2.1. Access Company Public Private

7.2.2. Space to fill company's data to get cashflow table and P&L chart

7.3. Expense can be as Payment, Payroll.

8. Descriptions

8.1. AP

8.1.1. Account Payable

8.2. AR

8.2.1. Account Receivable

8.3. LOC

8.3.1. Line of Credit

8.4. ❗️

8.4.1. Required data

8.5. 🔘

8.5.1. Optional data

8.6. 👤

8.6.1. User

8.7. 🕹

8.7.1. Action

8.8. 📊

8.8.1. Chart

8.9. ☑️

8.9.1. Checkbox

9. Landing Page

9.1. 🕹Start Engagement

9.1.1. Form: ❗️Name ❗️Email ❗️Phone Connection via phone or email with a personal manager/advisor