MASTER TOOL: Video Content + Captions

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MASTER TOOL: Video Content + Captions by Mind Map: MASTER TOOL: Video Content + Captions

1. CAPTION STEP 5: Headline Builder

1.1. HEADLINE TYPES (write 10-15 before choosing

1.1.1. The Ultimate Guide Typically extremely long and detailed articles, made up of multiple supporting ideas "The 2020 Ultimate Guide To Get Abs and Keep Them Forever"

1.1.2. "X" Reasons Why... The most shared headline

1.1.3. How-To Headline How To + Action + Unique Benefit "How to effortlessly fall asleep in under 5 minutes every night"

1.1.4. The "Common Mistakes Headline" ex: "7 Common Mistakes Nurses Make While Trying To Get In Shape"

1.1.5. The Question Headline ex: "There are 4 Highly Effective Diets For Busy Entrepreneurs - Which One Is Best For You?"

1.1.6. Foreshadow/Tease Headline Usually taken directly from the article to hook the reader in ex: "It Was In That Moment I Realized My Life Was About To End..."

1.1.7. Top X Ways Headline ex: "The Top 7 Ways To Double Your Productivity In 2019"

1.1.8. Negative Emotion Value Marker Headline ex: "The Keto Diet May Be One Of The WORST Things A Nurse Could Ever Do"

1.1.9. Name Dropping Headline Ex: "Can't create content that get's you clients on social media? Here's 5 tips on exactly how Garyvee does it. "

1.1.10. Simple Way To Solve Complex Problem ex: "We've developed a simple way to solve your sales problem forever"

1.1.11. Abstract Headline + Contextual SubHeadline --Ex: "Get more out of Instagram: The 10 step blueprint to sell 100 clients through instagram in the next 3 months."

1.1.12. Who Else Wants? --Ex: "Who else wants an online fitness business that profits $20K/month while working 20hrs per week?"

1.1.13. SHINE Headline Specific, Helpfulness, Immediately, Newsworthiness, Entertainment Value ex: The Best Five Minutes (immediacy) You'll Spend Today (entertainment): The Latest Tips (newsworthy) From NASA (specificity) on Getting More Followers (helpfulness)

1.1.14. The Secret Of___

1.1.15. Little Known Ways To___

1.1.16. Have a/Build a______You Can Be Proud Of

1.1.17. [number] Lessons I Learned From___

1.1.18. How To Survive Your First____

1.1.19. How To_____-The Essential Guide

1.1.20. How To____Like [Celebrity]

1.1.21. Mini-Headline 4 Words or Fewer Dont Waste A Minute....How To Be Great...Get Shredded Yesterday...etc BEST FOR VIDEO HEADERS

1.1.22. _____,Backed By Science

1.1.23. Item and Item: Listicle ex: "The Burrito Principle and Beyond: 12 New Marketing Tactics That Are Memorable, Actionable, and Useful."

1.1.24. The Big List Of____

1.2. NOTE: Sometimes, no headline is needed, and you can use the HOOK in it's place.

2. VIDEO STEP 5: Introduction Builder


2.1.1. Make it sharp, and even controversial. Usually one line, one sentence, or even one word. MAKE THEM INTERESTED... ex: Your content strategy probably sucks right now. Right? QUOTES LEAD WITH QUESTION LEAD WITH CONTROVERSY


2.2.1. The sentence that connects the hook the the body of the post and clarifies the title. Leading people to read onward. ex: Good news is, you're not alone in sucksville, friend. In fact, over 80% of online businesses fail in the content strategy game...which is directly related to failure rate.


2.3.1. Summarizes the topic and strengthens the reason why the reader should continue reading your article. ex: Today, to truly THRIVE in business, you need to very quickly master the world of content strategy and promotion. If not, well, you'll be going the way of the dodo. Excellent place to open with a story...

3. VIDEO STEP 4: Conclusion Builder

3.1. TRANSITION FROM LAST POINT must answer these: - write this in your bullet point conclusion.

3.1.1. So What? "why should I care about this? What you're saying makes sense, but so what? What does this mean for me? For my goals? Why should I care?"

3.1.2. Why Now? "What you're saying sounds great in theory. But I don't have time for this. Why should I make time for this right now? Why do I need to make changes to what's already working, what's easy, and what's comfortable? What's the urgency? Are there any real consequences to inaction? Can't I wait longer?"

3.1.3. Ok, What's Next? "I'm with you, I'm hooked. But, what am I supposed to do? I'm excited, but I have no clue where to start...You gave me this huge, overwhelming laundry list of things, and I need you to give me that nudge in the right direction. What's the first baby step I can take to get me going?"

3.1.4. Bonus: "One Thing" exercise Ask yourself "If my audience has the brain of a heavily-concussed goldfish, and they only walk away with ONE thing, what should it be and why?"

4. VIDEO STEP 7: Proof Sources Double Check

4.1. Ensure you have 1-3 proof sources to back up your points in each video. Double check before finalizing your script content.

4.1.1. First Hand Proof (your personal experience)

4.1.2. Case Study/Success Story Proof

4.1.3. Celebrity Proof/Borrowed Authority Quotes etc from well known figures to support your points.

4.1.4. Demonstration Proof

4.1.5. Data Proof

5. VIDEO STEP 3: Main Points Builder

5.1. 3-10 MAIN Points/Ideas/Items to support the central purpose of the piece

5.1.1. Each point should take between 20-60 seconds to cover, depending on length of video.

5.1.2. Create a Sub-Headline for each Point that can appear on the screen in text.

5.1.3. Do not write a script for each point. Simply include keywords or sentences in bullet points to prompt you in covering the point.

5.1.4. Practice brevity and efficiency of words

6. VIDEO STEP 8: CTA Builder

6.1. Facilitate Comments

6.2. Spark a Debate

6.3. Gain Email Subscribers with Lead Magnet

6.4. Book in Sales Call

6.5. Join Newsletter

6.6. Share on Social Media

6.7. Follow you on Social Media

6.8. Vote In Poll

6.9. 3 Ways We Can Help You (CHOOSE your own adventure)

6.9.1. Work With Me (book in call)

6.9.2. Free Shit (lead magnet)

6.9.3. More content (follow me)


7.1. Content Angle

7.1.1. Solve a problem

7.1.2. Fulfil a desire

7.1.3. Answer a question

7.1.4. Tell a story

7.1.5. Share a secret

7.1.6. Entertain

7.1.7. Educate

7.1.8. Inspire

7.1.9. Impart Wisdom/Offer insight

7.1.10. Shift someone's viewpoint (persuasion)

7.2. Alternative Frameworks

7.2.1. Documentation

7.2.2. Stories

7.2.3. Tools

7.2.4. Lessons

7.2.5. Strategies

7.2.6. Concepts

7.3. What is the MAIN Take-Away you want audiences to have?

7.4. What is the main/central point?

7.4.1. Break the Main Point down into 3-10 sub-points to support it...this is the outline for the thesis of your video.

7.5. What are you arguing for or against?

7.6. Do you CARE about what you're about to write?

8. VIDEO STEP 2: Video Type Builder

8.1. Step By Step Tutorial

8.2. Challenge Conventional Knowledge/Beliefs

8.3. Checklist or Cheat Sheet

8.4. Share a Free Givaway or Contest

8.5. Compare Myths VS Facts

8.6. Write Case Study of Success Story

8.7. Talk about a Mistake+Lessons Learned

8.8. Put Together an Expert Roundup

8.9. Go on a Rant

8.10. Share Your Views On A Current Event

8.11. Answer all Frequently Asked Questions

8.12. Complile a List of Hacks

8.13. Show Behind The Curtain

8.14. Create a Comparison Post

8.15. Conduct an Expert Interview

8.16. Generic List Post (most common)

8.17. Tell a Story in Phases

8.17.1. Rags To Riches - A complete rise

8.17.2. Riches to Rags - a complete fall

8.17.3. Man in a Hole - Fall then Rise

8.17.4. Icarus - rise then fall

8.17.5. Cinderella - rise, fall, rise

8.17.6. Oedipus - fall, rise, fall


9.1. Make it sharp, and even controversial. Usually one line, one sentence, or even one word. MAKE THEM INTERESTED...

9.1.1. INTERESTING QUESTION HOOK Ask question that relates to your topic Make sure it's a question that the reader needs to watch the video/read the post to get the answer

9.1.2. STRONG STATEMENT HOOK Make an assertive claim/polarizing statement about the topic you're covering

9.1.3. FACT/STATISTIC HOOK Start post with a true stat or fact about the topic you're covering Make sure it's from a credible source (people will check)

9.1.4. METAPHOR/SIMILE HOOK Write a metaphor that makes a direct comparison between your topic and something different Or use a simile by adding "like" or "as" between your topic and something different.

9.1.5. STORY HOOK Begin the post with a short, 1-2 sentence story that connects to the post/video Or, you can simply use the story as the entire post (see story structures in "Video Step 2")

9.1.6. DESCRIPTION HOOK Write a vivid description of a setting that will draw audience's attention into the topic at hand Have the description tie into your transition.

9.1.7. QUOTATION HOOK Powerful/striking quote from someone, quoted directly Quote must be relevant to the topic

9.1.8. SINGLE WORD HOOK Use a single impactful word to snap readers into attention. Ex: "Motherfucker"


10.1. The sentence that connects the hook to the the body of the post and clarifies the title. Leading people to read onward.

10.1.1. ex: HOOK: I'd bet $10,000 you suck at marketing yourself... TRANSITION: Good news is, you're not alone in sucksville, friend. In fact, over 80% of online businesses fail in the content strategy game...which is directly related to failure rate.


11.1. OPTION 1: For Video Caption (1300 Characters)

11.1.1. A mini blog post that adds context to the points covered in the video. Summarizes the topic and strengthens the reason why the reader should continue reading your article. Do not list the main points covered in the video, unless you're listing the questions you answer within the video Thesis is used to provide additional context as to WHY someone should care enough to watch the video. The Headline and Header in the video will have already explained what the post is about, so no need to "tell" people what's in the video This is the place where you can add additional points or sources to back up the video content, or summarize the points made. Remember, the video is the main attraction. The door we need them to step through. The thesis is the "push" used to get them to step through the damn door.

11.2. OPTION 2: For Picture/Stand-Alone Caption (Linkedin=1300 Characters -- Instagram=2200 Characters)

11.2.1. Main Points Written exactly how Pillar Posts are written, with spaces between each point to create short paragraphs. Ease of content absorption.

11.2.2. Conclusion TRANSITION FROM LAST POINT must answer these: So What? Why Now? Ok, What's Next? Bonus: "One Thing" exercise


12.1. CTA can be the same as in the video - but on most social platforms, it's best to go for engagement CTAs, as they are the lowest barrier to entry.

12.1.1. Facilitate Comments/Shares

12.1.2. Spark a Debate

12.1.3. Gain Email Subscribers with Lead Magnet

12.1.4. Book in Sales Call

12.1.5. Go to Sales Page

12.1.6. Join Newsletter

12.1.7. Share on Social Media

12.1.8. Vote In Poll (in comments)


13.1. For Video Caption

13.1.1. Your central idea for the video is already complete once you've outlined your video. The caption you're writing is simply to add context. Follow the steps below.

13.2. For Picture/Stand Alone Caption without video, use the same process as the Video-Step 1.

14. VIDEO STEP 6: Header

14.1. HEADER

14.1.1. Use as few words as possible to create a Header Headline Use a shortened version of the caption headline Use a line from the video that sparks interest Use just 1-2 shock-value words to get atention Ex: "SEX"

15. CAPTION TYPE BUILDER (for stand-alone posts without video)