Laughter Out of Place

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Laughter Out of Place by Mind Map: Laughter Out of Place

1. Chapter 6

1.1. Sexual standard for men

1.1.1. Long periods without sex considered unhealthy

1.1.2. Men encouraged to actively seduce women for pleasure

1.2. Carnivalization

1.2.1. Public flirtation and affection are common ways to compliment a women’s body

1.2.2. Brazilian women have a fear of being undesirable

1.2.3. Brazil is open to sexuality and erotica

2. Chapter 7

2.1. Rape in Shantytowns

2.1.1. Little to no protection for women against rape Lower-class women’s virginity of less importance Upper-class women’s virginity important

2.1.2. Rape is a serious offense Gangs may go to war over this crime

2.2. Legality

2.2.1. Impoverished women suffer

2.2.2. Rape often goes unreported and possibly unpunished due to lack of trust in the enforcement system (police)

2.2.3. Faulty legal system Black humor used as a response to highly corrupt legal system