composition of the earth

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composition of the earth by Mind Map: composition of the earth

1. minerals and mineral rescources

1.1. properties

1.1.1. colour is used to identifi what mineral it is. but not very usefull

1.1.2. streak is the mineral in powdered form

1.1.3. hardness resitence to scratching

1.1.4. clevage different minerals break in different lines.

1.1.5. crystaline strucure how the atoms are formed

1.1.6. amount of transpiracy the ability to let light pass through it

1.1.7. tenacity how the particals of the mineral hold togehter

1.1.8. magnetism the ability to attract or repell other mangenitic substances

1.1.9. luster how much light is reflected

1.1.10. specific gravity if the mineral will sink or float in water

2. Earths structure

2.1. inner core

2.1.1. made of iron and maybe silcon , and carbon

2.1.2. inner core is a solid ball can rech up to 5000 c to 5700 c

2.2. outer core

2.2.1. made of nickle and liquid iron

2.2.2. might have sulphur or oxygen present

2.2.3. is 4000 c

2.3. mantle

2.3.1. lower plastic and taffy like 2500 c

2.3.2. upper solid rock 1000 c

2.3.3. mantle seperates mantle from the crust

2.4. crust

2.4.1. solid rock

2.4.2. the outer layer of the layers of the earth

3. Rock formations

3.1. sedimentary

3.1.1. mostly made in water

3.1.2. pieces of random rocks are pressed together forms the rock

3.1.3. ways of coming one as more layers come on top the lower layers are pressed togehter pressure glued together by dissolving minerals cementing

3.2. metamorphic

3.2.1. forms about 16 km beneath the earths surface squzzes and heats up to 800 c over a long time becomes one rock

3.3. igneous

3.3.1. starts as magma intrusive cools beneath the earths surface

3.3.2. starts as lava extrusive forms above the surface