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New Business by Mind Map: New Business

1. Core

1.1. Vision

1.1.1. Individuals and organisations that have refined plans for growth, success and satisfaction - underpinned by their core values and motivators.

1.2. Values

1.2.1. Accountability

1.2.2. Education

1.2.3. Evidence-based services

1.2.4. Empowerment

1.2.5. Tangibility / Outcome-Focused (not "feelgood")

1.3. Value Propositions

1.3.1. "Purpose finding" - values-centred coaching and planning at the individual, team and enterprise level

1.3.2. Clarity in decision making including decision analysis tools

1.3.3. Tangible plans for individuals (including career planning), teams and businesses seeking transformation/growth/startup

1.3.4. Accountability and progress measurement

1.3.5. Business development support

1.4. Service Catalogue

1.4.1. 1 on 1 Coaching (greatest margins) Face to Face (Canberra / Sydney) Phone / Skype / VTC Asynchronous / Email / etc

1.4.2. Downloadable Information - Fact Sheets / eBooks / Resources / Tools Generally as loss leaders / lead gen

1.4.3. Many to 1 Coaching / Leadership and Planning Workshops (potential for residual income) eLearning and Webinars (live and on demand) "A later option" - potential overlap / cross-pollenation with AIE

1.5. Mission

1.5.1. To enable individuals and organisations to develop and sustain tangible, achievable plans for growth and success underpinned by their core values and motivations

2. Marketing

2.1. Lead Generation

2.1.1. Direct Advertising (social media / google adwords)

2.1.2. Veterans registers and facebook groups

2.1.3. Word of mouth from initial client base (incl friends and discounted etc)

2.1.4. Australian Independent Education cross-referral

2.2. Branding Ideas and Constraints

2.2.1. Something related to Values - v Coaching, VCC (Values Centred Coaching), etc, MVP (mission-value-purpose), VIP (values informed ???) the V in values points down / if followed by a C, A, or N (stylised as an arrow pointing right / up), could be used as a logo to indicate a shift from down to up ( e.g. VCA would look like V < ^ )

2.2.2. Something related to Trent - "TB / TJB / to a T / etc"

2.2.3. Several other businesses in the industry use longer more descriptive business names - Stepping Stone Consultancy, Open Door Coaching, Up Leadership and Organisational Consultancy (ULOC)

2.2.4. Need something available on ASIC (national), AND as a (and ideally also a .com)

3. Resources

3.1. Infrastructure

3.1.1. Use established company Structure (as a second branch of INDEPED PTY LTD, running in parallel to Australian Independent Education - but wholly separate branding)

3.1.2. Web Services Payment Platform eLearning Platform Booking Platform Hosting & SSL Domain Name CRM Account (Hubspot)

3.2. Partnerships

3.2.1. Developed Veterans Business Register Australian Independent Education (100-200 leads/clients) Defence Families & Spouses (Canberra) Mental Health First Aid Instructors (National) Serving Members ADF General Veterans (Defence & Police) Communities Reasonably strong network (high visibility, high status, high value) on LinkedIn

3.2.2. Developing Open Arms - Veterans Counselling Lifeline Canberra Canberra Small Business Navy Coaching

3.2.3. Potential APOD / Veterans Card


4.1. Strengths

4.1.1. Trent experience (marketable and aptitude) Military Planning Experience and operational planning / decision models SMB Experience - multiple organisations, 10+ years Industry Accreditations Australian HR Institute Australian Institute of Training & Development Google for Education General Aptitude - Coaching & Planning Qualifications Graduate Royal Australian Naval College Deakin Business School (GradCert) DipBus Can/will seek a formal qualification via RPL in coaching in next 6 months Anticipate completion of Psychological Science degree by 2021 Training & Presenting experience

4.1.2. Niche approach ("values-centred") contrasted to traditional coaching ("strengths based") "what will satisfy you" vs "what are you good at" Heavily based on psychological science (evidence-based)

4.1.3. Low overheads and ongoing costs

4.1.4. 40-60 minute sessions can be conducted with minimal impact to work (using flexible work arrangements)

4.2. Weaknesses

4.2.1. Competing with three types of professions (life coaches, business consultants, clinicians)

4.2.2. Limited experience / testimonial base / referral base

4.2.3. Remain unable to contract directly to Commonwealth Government (restriction on Trent) - limited impact to 1-on-1 services

4.2.4. Subject to Trent's availability - limited opportunities for non-hourly ('trickle') revenue

4.3. Opportunities

4.3.1. Rapidly accelerating "veteran-owned business" market and alliance. (Requires action in December)

4.3.2. Veterans spouses sector (regularly transitioning towns, seeking purpose / career changes / career "restarts")

4.3.3. Veterans - often "lost" post-discharge in terms of next career option. Regularly pursuing enterpreneurial endeavours without clear guidance.

4.3.4. Opportunities to expand into clinical services upon clinical registration (4+ years away)

4.3.5. Opportunities to onboard other coaches / providers (although this is largely a market of individuals)

4.4. Threats

4.4.1. Government-funded / subsidised business incubators / career planning tools / etc

4.4.2. Free / DIY values-centred approaches

4.4.3. Specific to veterans - DCO coaching under the Aust Government tender

5. Governance

5.1. Ethics and Regulatory

5.1.1. NOT a regulated profession - no specific accreditation required

5.1.2. Service catalogue will have to be designed

5.1.3. Will have to consider (and possibly seek approval) to continue during Psychology internship year

5.2. Risk

5.2.1. Organisational Structure Pty Ltd for liability limitation. Use Indeped for now, potential to separate.

5.2.2. Insurance Expand current AON PL policy for Indeped Pty Ltd (modality - coaching)

5.2.3. Trent's MHFA qualifications will be useful in being able to clearly set a scope of what is/isn't a mental health service and refer out if required If scaling to include other coaches, potentially make a MHFA qualification mandatory

6. New Topic6

6.1. New Topic

6.1.1. New Topic New Topic