Solar System Pilot

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Solar System Pilot by Mind Map: Solar System Pilot

1. MODULE 2 Great Solar System Rescue (planetary features)

1.1. Astronomers: location and size of the eight planets in our solar system

1.2. Meteorologists – study the weather on the planets

1.3. Geologists – study the composition of planets

1.4. Historians – study the history of astronomy

1.5. Screencast of proposal

2. MODULE 3 Spacesuit Design

2.1. Identify survival needs

2.2. Identify dangers

2.3. Design spacesuit

2.4. Screencast defending suit design

2.5. Life size real-world prototype

3. MODULE 1 Our Place in the Universe (size, scale, distance)

3.1. Solar System Bead Activity

3.2. Gravity and its effects on planetary orbits

3.3. Just How Big Is this Place?

3.4. Round and Round They Go

3.5. Moon Crater Experiment

3.6. Screencast about an activity or an Ask an Astronomer question