Research Project

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Research Project by Mind Map: Research Project

1. Finish Product-Tyler

1.1. Tyler

1.2. Research

1.2.1. Methodology section

1.2.2. Write research paper on findings and results

1.2.3. Presentation

1.3. Workshop

1.3.1. Presentation

1.3.2. Project Team Training

2. Implementation Methodology-Dee

2.1. Dee

2.2. Research

2.2.1. Design

2.2.2. Write research paper

2.2.3. Prepare presentation for board meeting

2.2.4. Project team must prepare to train teachers if workshop is approved

2.3. Workshop

2.3.1. Implement schedule for training

2.3.2. Prepare Presentation for training using INFO 315 class materials

2.3.3. Presentation Topics: How to communicate in groups How to form groups using the "Four Tendencies," What a good and bad group looks like How to allocate work in groups How to evaluate groups.

3. Program Strategy-Salena

3.1. Salena Katamin

3.2. Workshop Outline

3.2.1. Outline consists of a 2 week training program

3.2.2. Create training outline using "Data to Support" research

3.2.3. Week 0: 4 Project team members will train teachers about "Project Management"

3.2.4. Week 1 Day 1 - 2: Trainers will survey teachers to see what they believe a good group consist of and how they currently evaluate those groups.

3.2.5. Week 1 Day 3 - 4: Trainers will ask teachers to go into groups do a mini project, and then trainers will give the "Four Tendencies" quiz and break teachers up into groups to do another mini project based on results.

3.2.6. Week 2 Day 1 - 4 : Trainers will give presentations on how to form groups using the "Four Tendencies," how to communicate in groups, what a good and bad group looks like, how to allocate work in groups and finally, how to evaluate groups.

3.2.7. Week 1 Day 5: Trainers and teachers will discuss what they noticed in their groups when teachers chose groups vs. when trainers chose groups based on "Four Tendencies"

3.2.8. Week 2 Day 5: Wrap up training and get teacher feedback.

3.3. Schedule

3.3.1. Beg. week 1: Meet with Debbie

3.3.2. Mid. week 1: Create rough draft outline of research using "Data to Support" & create outline for workshop details

3.3.3. End week 1: Get feedback on outline from Debbie

3.3.4. Beg. week 2: Create final outline using feedback and get Debbie's approval

3.3.5. Mid week 2 - Mid week 3: Continue "Data to support." (Research)

3.3.6. End week 3: Finalize implementation

3.3.7. Beg. week 4: Add finishing touches to "Final Product" (Presentation)

3.3.8. Mid week 4: Get Debbie's approval of "Final Product"

3.3.9. End week 4: Give Debbie FINAL outlines and presentations

4. Data to support-Jason

4.1. Jason

4.2. Research

4.2.1. Refer to research outline

4.2.2. Use articles from Salisbury University library database

4.2.3. Use INFO 315 class materials as research

4.2.4. Order and read "Four Tendencies" book

4.2.5. Conduct "Four Tendencies" survey

4.2.6. Visit the academic commons for research

4.3. Workshop

4.3.1. Refer to workshop outline

4.3.2. Use INFO 315 class materials as research

4.3.3. Prepare project team to lead a "Project Management" workshop

4.3.4. Conduct "Four Tendencies" surveys with students

4.3.5. Conduct "Four Tendencies" survey with teachers

5. Stakeholders

5.1. Debbie

5.2. Board

5.3. Project team

5.4. Teachers

5.5. Students

5.6. Trainers

5.7. Entire school

6. Sponsor(s)

6.1. Debbie