Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

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Organizational Structure by Mind Map: Organizational Structure

1. HR

1.1. Helps recruit and fill job opportunities within the organization

1.1.1. Provides training for employees on workplace safety and compliance Handles health benefits and negotiates wages for employees

2. Marketing

2.1. Creates and promotes the company brand

2.1.1. Works with the product development team to develop new products or improve existing ones. Conducting customer and market research

3. Accounting

3.1. Responsible for financial reporting deadlines are met

3.1.1. Organizes and maintains financial data of the company Suggest ways to reduce costs, enhance revenue & improve profit.

4. Legal

4.1. Oversees investigations, lawsuits, mergers & acquisitions

4.1.1. Provides advice to executives and employees when new laws can affect the company Handles all of the contracts, licenses, permits, trademarks & copyright for the company

5. Publicity

5.1. Writing and producing presentations and press releases

5.1.1. Responsible for speaking for the organization with the media Develop relationships with the media and consumers