How to Live a Meaningful Life

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How to Live a Meaningful Life by Mind Map: How to Live a Meaningful Life

1. 1. Experience the World

1.1. Gaining an understanding of the world around us allows us to escape the isolation of our current situations.

1.2. It makes us realize the beauty there is to discover.

1.3. It makes us see the hardship others may face.

1.4. It teaches us that we must appreciate each and every opportunity we are afforded because it all could have been much different.

2. 2. Read Fiction

2.1. She loves how a story comes together piece by piece, which allows her to enjoy every moment of the journey, not focus on the destination.

2.2. She loves the emotional aspect.

2.3. She loves the sense of escape from her reality, an opportunity to envision her life as what could be or could have been.

2.4. She is simply in the moment, enjoying every second.

3. 3. Put Your Health First

3.1. Health first? But what about family, you might be saying. Well, if we don’t have our own health, then we’re nothing for our family.

3.2. She knows that in order for her to show up for everybody else, she must show up for herself first.

4. 4. Focus on Your Family Next

4.1. When asked what she wanted for her 90th birthday, my grandma had one very simple request. “I just want my family to be together.” We could have gone anywhere, done anything, but so long as the people she loved most were around her, she knew she would have the best birthday.

4.2. She knows who matters most to her in this world, and she puts those people before anybody else.

5. 5. Continuously Make New Friends

5.1. When you get to be 90, sadly many of your friends have passed. Although devastating, this does not stop grandma from pushing forward and building new friendships

5.2. Grandma knows that these relationships cannot match the 50, 60, or 70-year bonds she had with certain people, but she doesn’t play the comparison game.

5.3. She treats each individual relationship like it’s the only one that matters in the world.

5.4. People tend to like you when you like them, and grandma is a perfect example of that.

6. 6. Constantly Look at the Bright Side

6.1. Grandma finds something positive in every situation. This mindset is truly special.

7. 7. Don't Waste Energy on People Who Don't Listen

7.1. My grandma was a schoolteacher. She expressed that while she certainly tried her best to help every student who walked into her classroom, if at a point she realized that a person had no desire to listen or change, she would direct her energy elsewhere.

7.2. She said that focusing her energy on the wrong place would be detrimental to all the other students who did want to get better, so she decided to put her efforts into them.

8. 8. Never Focus on Excess

8.1. She preferred to spend her excess on others.

8.2. Grandma realized that things don’t make her happy. Experiences make her happy. People make her happy. She doesn’t need or crave more; she’s content with what she already has.

9. 9. Never Let the Past Keep You From Moving Forward

9.1. Grandma knew that in order for her to live a meaningful rest of her life, she needed to accept her reality and focus on what she could do to be happy going forward.

9.2. Grandma has taken each day, each moment in stride and continues to do so.

10. 10. We Only Get One Chance at This Crazy Thing Called Life

10.1. I don’t know how or why she ever heard this phrase, but a few years ago, my grandma said “YOLO” to me, and I couldn’t help but laugh. This millennial catchphrase perfectly summarizes the way my grandmother views life.

10.2. There is nothing that my grandma has not done that she wanted to do.

10.3. There is nothing my grandma has done that she regrets.

10.4. Grandma truly epitomizes YOLO and proactively shares this mentality with everyone around her.

11. Final Thoughts

11.1. No books, no podcasts, nothing. Through being present, experiencing, evaluating, reconfiguring, reflecting, and sharing, grandma has been able to live 90 years of prolonged purpose. It has not been perfect by any means, but it is her version of perfect.

11.2. By not so intensely searching for the answers and craving the exact definition of what life we are meant to live, I think we can all create our own versions of perfect lives as well.