CLD Week 1

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CLD Week 1 by Mind Map: CLD Week 1

1. Course overview

1.1. No scientific evidence to learning styles!

1.2. Be open to unlearning and relearning

1.3. Find time to study!

2. Types of Organisations

2.1. Age - Maturity of the business

2.2. Evolution - How does the business react to change? Dynamic - Adaptive - Static

2.3. Ownership - Private/Public/Not for Profit

2.4. Delivery Channel - Face to Face - online?

2.5. Client Focus - B2C or B2B

2.6. Production Focus - Service or Product

3. Organisation types in Real life


3.1.1. Need to adapt how we meet organisation and learning needs

3.1.2. Learning culture allows us to move to the right place to lay foundations ( James Griffen)

3.2. Finance

3.2.1. A constant need to innovate and develop creates a challenge

3.2.2. Need to provide evidence and hold due diligence to better serve employees.

3.3. Public

3.3.1. Conscious awareness of obligations and codes of conduct

3.3.2. Flexible learning so can adapt programme to individuals circumstance

3.3.3. Public scrutiny can hold accountability

3.4. Hospitality

3.4.1. Bitesize training allows companies to be flexible with staffing restrictions

3.4.2. Communication with stakeholders can be key to ownership and accountability

4. Learning Philosophy

4.1. Statement that helps define key steps in Learning and how it will help the organisation. Ask the questions to help clear the filters and understand how/if its necessary

4.1.1. What Content and desired effect

4.1.2. Who Is responsible in the learning processes

4.1.3. When

4.1.4. Where Classroom, online

4.1.5. How How will it be designed and facillitated

5. Golden Thread

5.1. Strategy between the organisations goals, the day to day of the business and my actions guide the work, the Golden Thread helps check i'm on the right path.

6. Understanding the internal and external factors helps us understand the context we work in

6.1. SWOT

6.2. PESTLE (external focus)


6.4. how do these analytical tools affect L&D?