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England by Mind Map: England

1. Government

1.1. Oligarchy

1.1.1. MPs Tories Rural aristocrats asking for lower taxes Whigs More dynamic noblemen and bourgeois

2. Economy

2.1. Based on agriculture

2.1.1. high productivity

2.2. 18th century based on trade of agricultural products

2.3. British Inventions

2.3.1. Flying shuttle(1733)

2.3.2. Mechanical spinning wheel(1764)

2.3.3. Steam engine(1768)

2.4. Investments in manufacturing (textile)

3. Colonies

3.1. North America

3.1.1. Population Increase of inhabitants of the North American colonies

3.1.2. Society Arrival of immigrants religious(17th century) and social(18th century) reasons Characterized by diversity, not by uniformity The absence of an aristocracy favours democracy 1773: colonists attack three British ships carrying tea

3.1.3. Economy Based on agriculture, fishing and industry Triangular trade America Africa Europe

3.1.4. The American revolution British king increases taxes for the American colonies 1765: colonists start to boycott British goods 1770: a tax on tea is introduced The war of independence July 4, 1776: the Declaration of Independence is signed 1784: the thirteen colonies become independent 1774: colonists gather in Philadelphia to affirm their rights, they organize armed militias against Britain

3.2. Barbados

3.3. South Africa