Chinese MidTerm Review

Chinese midterm project

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Chinese MidTerm Review by Mind Map: Chinese MidTerm Review

1. Chapter 24: Comparisons

1.1. 比

1.1.1. 必

1.1.2. comparison word 狗比猫更高

1.1.3. is a part of the word 鹿 on the bottom

1.2. 快

1.2.1. 筷

1.2.2. fast 你很快 opposite word for 慢

1.2.3. feeling radical on left same as 慢 has a person radical on right which looks like they are running to move fast

1.3. 慢

1.3.1. 满

1.3.2. slow 你很慢 opposite word for 快

1.3.3. feeling radical on left same as 快 looks like big man walking slowly on right with small feet

1.4. 少

1.4.1. 少

1.4.2. less 这是多少钱

1.4.3. used in the phrase 多少 only 4 strokes -> one of the least amount of strokes

1.5. 瘦

1.5.1. 手

1.5.2. thin, lean 你很瘦 opposite word for 胖

1.5.3. sick radical 疒 + old man 叟

1.6. 胖

1.6.1. 旁

1.6.2. fat 我不胖 opposite word for 瘦

1.6.3. flesh radical on left half radical on right

1.7. 矮

1.7.1. 爱

1.7.2. short 她很矮 opposite word for 高

1.7.3. has the same left side as 短 both mean short

1.8. 高

1.8.1. 告

1.8.2. tall 我上大华高中 opposite word for 矮

1.8.3. has two mouth radicals looks like two people sitting on each other to look tall

1.8.4. used in word 高中

2. Chapter 23: Animals

2.1. 兔

2.1.1. 兔子 老兔子 图 土 rabbit

2.2. 脖

2.2.1. 长脖子 脖领 薄 波 neck

2.2.2. On the left, has a flesh radical

2.3. 鹿

2.3.1. 公鹿 长颈鹿 路 陆 deer

2.3.2. Has a bi radical in the inside guang radical on the outside meaning wide

2.4. 身

2.4.1. 身体 身边 身材 神 深 body

2.5. 尾

2.5.1. 尾巴 尾声 为 位 tail

2.5.2. Has a feather radical in the inside

2.6. 猴

2.6.1. 猴子 猴王 后 厚 monkey

2.6.2. Has animal radical and also standing person radical

2.7. 颈

2.7.1. 长颈鹿 领子 经 景 neck

2.8. 体

2.8.1. 身体 体育 提 题 body

2.8.2. Standing person radical on left

2.9. 象

2.9.1. 大象 景象 印象 想 像 elephant

2.10. 蛇

2.10.1. 蛇头 蛇年 舌 snake

2.10.2. Has a insect radical