Economics Project

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Economics Project by Mind Map: Economics Project

1. Ohio Academic Content Standard

1.1. History/ Social Studies 2.16 Economics: Markets: People use money to buy and sell goods and services.

2. Performance Objective

2.1. Students will be able to use the knowledge that they have gained throughout the social studies economics unit to create their own virtual business to show their understanding of goods & services and supply & demand.

2.2. Students will have the ability to practice their public speaking and presentation skills when presenting their finished project to the class.

3. Grade Level

3.1. 2nd Grade

4. Size of Group

4.1. Full Class Lesson- 18 Students

5. Prior Knowledge

5.1. Supply & Demand

5.2. Goods & Services

6. Future Learning

6.1. Students will use this learning to better understand how the economic works and how must it takes to start a business. This project should spark student interest and allow them to understand the world around them.

7. Methods of Teaching

7.1. 1. The teacher will review supply & demand and goods & services through a Google Slides presentation projected onto the smart board

7.2. 2. The teacher will explain the assignment using a Google Docs that is projected onto the smart board. The students will have access to this document in Google Classrooms.

7.3. 3. The students are instructed that they must create their own business. This business can be a service or produce a good. Students will work individually on the assignment.

7.4. 4. The students will have 4 days to work on their assignment in class. If they need more time they are allowed to bring their Chromebook home and work on it as homework.

7.5. 5. On the 5th day students will present on their new business. If they are producing a good, they can bring in the good and if they're producing a service they can give an example of their service.

7.6. 6. Students will present using Google Slides or Google Docs. Their presentation will be projected onto the smart board.

7.7. 7. After each student presents the teacher will ask one follow up question and 3 additional students will ask a question or make a comment about the business.

8. Guided Questions

8.1. Is your business producing a good or give a service?

8.2. Explain the supply and demand of your good and service?

8.3. Where is your company located? Is supply and demand a factor of the location?

8.4. What are services that relate to your good or service?

8.5. What are goods that relate to your good or service?

9. Materials

9.1. Chromebook

9.2. Access to Google Docs

9.3. Access to Google Slides

9.4. Projector

9.5. Smartboard

10. Use of Technology

10.1. Smartboard

10.1.1. Used to teach content needed for the project to be compleated

10.1.2. Used to explain project

10.1.3. Used for presentations

10.2. Google Classrooms

10.2.1. Gives students access to project infromation

10.3. Google Slides

10.3.1. Projects can be presented using

10.3.2. Used to teach content needed for projecr

10.4. Google Docs

10.4.1. Used to explain project

10.4.2. Projects can be presented using

10.5. Chromebooks

10.5.1. Students use to work

11. Accommodations

11.1. Students who may have dysgraphia, which can cause trouble typing, will have the ability to voice record their presentation and use images only on their presentation. These students are also able to use a voice to type software on their Chromebook.

11.2. Students with visual impairments will be able to use a zoom feature on their Chromebook to make words easier to see.

11.3. Older students would go more in depth with this project. In addition to talking about supply and demand they would have to create a budget and talk about opportunity cost.

12. Extension Activity

12.1. Students are giving a specific amount of money and must create a budget for their new business.

13. Reflection

13.1. The lesson has not been taught.

14. Evaluation

14.1. Students will be assessed when presenting. The teacher will ask a question at the end of the presentation to make sure the student understands the concepts that were covered during the economics unit. The project is instead of a written summative assessment.