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New Supplier App by Mind Map: New Supplier App

1. Personas

1.1. The Doer

1.2. The E-commerce Expert

1.3. The Allrounder

1.4. The Executive

2. Why an App?

2.1. Offline Support

2.2. Push Notification / SMS

2.3. Rights Management / Personalization

2.4. Camera

2.5. Speed

2.6. Navigation

2.7. Daily usage?

3. Use Cases

3.1. 3D Images

3.2. Pricing

3.3. Promotions

3.4. SKU addition/ inactive skus

3.5. Alerts (per decision maker) / ad hoc requests

3.6. Executive dashboard

3.7. Real time decision making flows

3.8. Scorecard for Suppliers

4. Ideas / Questions

4.1. Is an App needed for a scorecard? What is the value of going with an App rather than a website?

4.1.1. Easy Login

4.1.2. Offline Support

4.1.3. Rights Management / Personalization

4.1.4. Notifications (Push, SMS)

4.2. Adding of Tool tips + Case Studies to show suppliers how to improve their metrics / business

4.2.1. Action item: Do you want to be featured in new Release?

4.3. How do we make sure that all data in the different environments (supplier dashboard, waystation, new App) is aligned?

5. Functionality

5.1. view KPIs

5.1.1. show top x KPIs first with an option to see more if needed

5.2. View Scorecard

5.2.1. show top x items first with option to expand all

5.3. Sort and filter options

5.4. History and last updated data