The art of stress free productivity (David Allen, TED Talk)

David Allen gives a TED talk about the philosophy of the GTD-method

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The art of stress free productivity (David Allen, TED Talk) by Mind Map: The art of stress free productivity (David Allen, TED Talk)

1. Appropriately engaged

1.1. Created by crisis

1.2. What is on your mind?

1.2.1. Things not done or that should be done

1.3. Don't keep anything on your mind

1.3.1. Record it or file it

1.4. Problem is when there is no crisis

1.4.1. Everything appears to be demanding your attention

1.4.2. There is a need for more time Time is actually not the issue

1.4.3. Time is not used for creativity

1.4.4. Loss of control

1.5. I need time to create

1.5.1. Need to make a creative mess

1.6. Perspective and control

1.6.1. Sub-optimal productivity No perspective&High control Micro-manager No perspective&No control Victim Over commitment High perspective (focus)&No control Lot of ideas Crazy maker

1.6.2. Optimal productivity High perspective&High control Captain&Commander Save your creativity Capable of dealing with surprises Mind like water

1.7. Nature does not hurry, but yet everything is accomplished

1.8. Couple of lessons

1.8.1. flexibility trumps perfection

1.8.2. Shift in and out quickly

1.8.3. Focused attention If you do not pay attention the what have your attention it will take more attention that what it deserves

1.9. GTD (Get things done)

1.9.1. Stage 1 Capture your thinking or ideas

1.9.2. Stage 2 Make outcome/action decisions Your toughest work is to define what your work is

1.9.3. Stage 3 Use the right maps Use the maps to determine the course in the short term and long term future Key areas of focus and responsibility

1.9.4. Re-calibrate/Refocus on a frequent basis