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Emotions by Mind Map: Emotions

1. Happiness

1.1. When I get money

2. Sadness

2.1. When my father says "you still owe me money" even though I don't

3. Jealousy

3.1. When someone owns a nice thing I want for myself.

4. Frustrated

4.1. When my older brothers keep getting points when we're playing pool.

5. Annoyed

5.1. When someone keeps asking to use my stationary over and over even when I have said "No." multiple times

6. Admiration

6.1. When somone makes a nice looking cake. I admire the cake.

7. Adoration

7.1. When Mr.fabre posted aphoto of his puppy on teams.

8. Appreciation

8.1. When a younger child comes up to me and says "You're my role model at school"

9. Amusement

9.1. When a cartoon character slips on a banana peel.

10. Anxiety

10.1. When Covid-19 got worse

11. Awe

11.1. When a tiny teacup puppy is in your arms.

12. Awkwardness

12.1. when you are talking to someone and then the person just stares into space

13. Boredom

13.1. When you have completed all tasks and everyone else takes fifty billion minutes to finish.

14. Calmness

14.1. when you are meditiating

15. Confusion

15.1. When you try to tell the difference between identical twins.

16. Craving

16.1. When I am really hungry

17. Disgust

17.1. When they put pickles in my burger.

18. Pain

18.1. When I cracked my head.

19. Entrancement

19.1. When I am pleased at something I or my friends have done.

20. Envy

20.1. When I see someone else have a branded bucket hat that I want.

21. Excitement

21.1. When I am waiting to go on an amusement park ride.

22. Fear

22.1. When I had to go in c division for Interschool athletics 200m

23. Horror

23.1. When I saw blood on my hands when i touched my head.

24. Interest

24.1. When I do english , grammar.

25. Joy

25.1. When I get chocolate eggs on easter.

26. Nostalgia

26.1. When we think about tings from our past (this one is kind of hard to explain).

27. Romance

27.1. When I have all the pizza to myself.

28. Sadness

28.1. When someone takes something from me and keeps it.

29. Satisfaction

29.1. When I have completed a task up to my expectations.

30. Sympathy

30.1. When I saw a vagabond in an allyway in Melbourne with a dog. (may God be with you)

31. Triumph

31.1. When my dodgeball team one against all the teams in the semi finals. (teachers cheated)