Screw Excuses, Don’t Overthink, and Act — A Recipe to End Inaction

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Screw Excuses, Don’t Overthink, and Act — A Recipe to End Inaction by Mind Map: Screw Excuses, Don’t Overthink, and Act — A Recipe to End Inaction

1. Introduction

1.1. “I do almost everything on emotion” — Richard Branson

1.2. Rationality oftentimes leads us to inaction.

1.3. We analyze something for too long and find a detail we think we can’t overcome, and then voila! we don’t even try.

1.4. Gone was that good idea we had. We don’t even give it the chance to become a great idea.

2. How I Personally Apply This

2.1. My writing?

2.1.1. I gave close to zero thought about writing before I started. I just wanted to improve it, so I wrote on Medium.

2.2. My first book?

2.2.1. It was an idea I had in the shower, and I put it together, with help, in less than two weeks while working full-time on other projects.

2.2.2. I did research on how to make this happen after the shower and acted on it right away.

2.3. My website?

2.3.1. Someone asked me if I had one at the co-working space I was working from. I didn’t.

2.3.2. I put it together the next day and launched it the day after.

2.4. Viking Boutique?

2.4.1. I put it up in 4 hours.

2.5. My photography gigs?

2.5.1. I simply asked if they needed professional shots.

2.6. This story?

2.6.1. Just like 95% of the other stories I write, I have no clue what I’m going to write about when I wake up.

2.6.2. I never even know until I start writing.

2.6.3. I’ve written more than 400 stories (includes replies).

2.7. I’ve left quite a few jobs in the past.

2.7.1. Almost every time I thought about switching jobs, I did so at most two weeks after having the thought.

3. Conclusion

3.1. Whenever you catch yourself saying: “I will do <x>”, stop yourself and think: “why not now?”.

3.1.1. Chances are, you’ll have a pitiful excuse

3.2. If time is your excuse, I’d say that 95% of the time, it’s a case of bad time management

3.3. Reflect on that the next time not-having-time is your excuse.

3.4. Whatever idea you’ve been off-putting for a while, just put it in motion. Just dip your feet and see how it feels.

3.5. Slowly, little by little, you’ll catch yourself being in the pool and acting on things you thought were impossible for you.