Stop Copying Your Heroes

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Stop Copying Your Heroes by Mind Map: Stop Copying Your Heroes

1. There’s a difference between learning from someone and stealing from them.

1.1. Too many people fall into the trap of trying to replicate someone else’s path to success

1.2. Realize your hero’s successes happened because they were different.

1.2.1. Because they had a unique voice. Because they disrupted the status quo.

1.3. It’s our individual traits, beliefs, and personalities that set us apart.

1.3.1. This is what makes us special — and it’s this uniqueness that can lead to true brilliance.

1.4. Learn from the people you look up to.

1.4.1. Be inspired by your friends, colleagues, or the superstars you follow on YouTube.

1.4.2. Make note of what they’ve done to get where they are.

1.4.3. Take those learnings and adapt them, improve upon them, and apply them strategically to your own life.

1.4.4. When your heroes say, “I screwed up because I did this,” listen.

1.4.5. It’s far more beneficial to learn what not to copy.

1.5. Figure out what works for you, and only you.

1.5.1. Step beyond the expected and share your personal views.

1.5.2. If you think differently about something, come out and say it. Even better, act on it.

1.5.3. When you bring something genuinely new, people will listen and get inspired by you