Building a Virtual Student Community.

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Building a Virtual Student Community. by Mind Map: Building a Virtual Student Community.

1. Student Groups

1.1. Student Leaders

1.1.1. Sports Oscar Howell Team Knights Charity Running Challenge

1.1.2. PTOs

1.1.3. School/Senior Reps

1.1.4. FTOs Current team Molli Daisy Fifi Gemma Zeid Newly elected team Rachel O Alex Bandy George Rachel W

1.2. Course Reps

1.3. Societies

1.3.1. Yogalates Online Yoga

1.3.2. Pole Fitness Workout classes

1.3.3. RUDDIYS Arts + Crafts sessions

1.3.4. English Soc Book Recommendations Book Club

1.3.5. Gaming and e-sports Gaming Tournaments

1.3.6. Bandsoc Acoustic/open mic nights

1.3.7. Religion/Culture Societies Faith groups Prayer Groups Recipes

1.3.8. Minghella Society Film and TV Recommendations

1.3.9. KPOP/RUTAM/Ballet/RUBLS Dance Tutorials

1.3.10. OpenMind Meditation

1.4. Sports Teams

1.4.1. Hockey Virtual social sixes

1.4.2. Cricket

1.4.3. Football Virtual footy fives FIFA Online Table Football? Online Subutteo?

1.4.4. Rugby

1.5. Student Staff

1.6. Student Media

1.6.1. Spark*

1.6.2. Junction11 Spotify Playlist Podcast

1.6.3. RU:TV

2. Tools to use

2.1. Eventbrite

2.2. Facebook Pages

2.2.1. RUSU

2.2.2. RUSU Events

2.2.3. Acitvities

2.2.4. Reading University Sport

2.2.5. Society Pages

2.2.6. RUSU Community Page

2.2.7. Student Group pages

2.3. Instagram

2.3.1. RUSU

2.3.2. RUSU Events

2.3.3. Activities

2.4. Activity Group Meetings

2.4.1. Ask groups to plug what they are doing

2.5. RUSU Website

2.5.1. Front Page Banners?

2.5.2. Activity Pages Sports Homepage Individual Sports team pages Societies Homepage Individual society pages

2.6. YouTube Channel

2.7. TikTok

3. Encourage/Incentivise Groups to get involved

3.1. Instagram Story

3.1.1. Praise groups

3.1.2. Create awareness

3.1.3. Generate competition

3.1.4. Highlights reel

4. Communication

4.1. Direct Emails

4.1.1. Committees

4.1.2. Membership lists

4.1.3. Course Rep

4.1.4. Staff - StaffSavvy

4.2. Social Media

4.2.1. Instagram Stories

4.2.2. Facebook advertisements

4.3. Format

4.3.1. One big calendar with all info

4.3.2. Needs to be editable

4.3.3. Weekly 'What's on' Guide

5. Key Stakeholders

5.1. Uni Events Team

5.1.1. Kate McNaboe (Head of Events)

5.1.2. Charlotte O'Leary (Events Officer)

5.1.3. Aleiah Potter (Events Manager) - Graduation

5.2. Welcome Week Team

5.2.1. Kate Booth (Student Engagement Manager)

5.2.2. Jess Vincent (Student Engagement Coordinator) Alternative Activities

5.3. Applicant Engagement

5.3.1. Sammy Boon (Applicant Engagement Officer)

5.3.2. George Payne (Applicant Engagement Officer) GS - Emailed and waiting on response

5.4. Sports

5.4.1. Greg Goddard (Head of Sport)

5.4.2. Will Rand (Director of Rowing)

5.5. Careers

5.5.1. Dan Mitchell (Fly Higher Programme Manager and Careers Consultant) GS - Emailed and waiting on response GS - Emailed and waiting on response

5.5.2. Tom McCann (Projects Officer) RED Award

5.6. Corporate Comms

5.6.1. Jen Rich (Student Communications Business Partner)

5.6.2. Sarah Gardner (Community Relations Manager)

5.7. Student Success and Engagement

5.7.1. Rish Rajput (Communications Assistant (Professional Placement Year)

5.7.2. Becki Pomroy (Assistant Communications Officer)

5.7.3. Katy Green (Student Outreach and Widening Participation Officer)

5.8. MCE

5.8.1. Tim Watkins (Social Media Manager)

5.9. Music

5.9.1. Rebecca Berkley (Director of Music)

5.9.2. Katie Whaley (Music Coordinator)

5.10. Chaplaincy

5.10.1. Mark Laynesmith (Anglican Chaplaincy and Chaplaincy team Co-ordinator)

6. Volunteering

6.1. NHS

6.1.1. Unsure if RBH are accepting any more volunteers at the moment

6.2. Student Led

6.2.1. Care Homes

6.2.2. Student Eats

6.2.3. University of Monsters

6.2.4. One-off volunteering opportunities

6.2.5. Option to suggest an idea on RUSU website survey

6.2.6. Working in the community society potentially about to affiliate

6.3. Community Champions

6.3.1. Helping local charities with tasks Translation Logistics Tech Organisation

6.4. External Charity led projects

6.4.1. Unsure what these are doing at the moment - led by charity

7. Skills Development and Training Opportunities

7.1. Student Media

7.1.1. Dan Jones provides tailored training

7.1.2. Opportunity to develop media skills in... Journalism Marketing Video editting Presenting Editing Photography

7.2. Open Universtity Courses

7.2.1. Free online short course

7.3. Reading Uni Free Online Courses

7.3.1. Free online courses

8. Celebrating Successes

8.1. Reshare content groups have already posted

8.2. Create new articles/ 'shout outs' about good things individuals or groups have done