Golden Script

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Golden Script by Mind Map: Golden Script

1. Well I do want to tell you a little bit about who we are. I work with a small group of investors in Dallas that buy houses all over Texas. We buy houses in as-is condition, close pretty fast, and pay cash. Now we don’t pay cash for all of our houses. Some of them fall under a program called the Debt Relief Program. Which is where sellers choose for us to take over their mortgage payments and take the house off their name. Typically, we do that with houses with low equity. Now I only deal with the cash side of things, but our purchasing manager deals with the debt relief program. But for now, let me ask you this…

1.1. Proceed to Price

2. Introduction

2.1. Hey [Owner Name]?

2.2. Hey [Owner Name]! I was calling about your property on [street address].

2.3. Well the reason for my call was someone in the office told me you might be interested in selling your property and we were looking to buy in the area so, I thought I'd reach out to see how I could help and maybe we can take this house off your hands.

2.3.1. yes Ok great! By the way, did I catch you at a bad time or is right now ok? yes - ok time no - bad time

2.3.2. no Oh ok, that's no problem. I thought I saw it for sale and then it looked like it got taken off the market, so I thought you might've still been in the market to sell it. Well thanks for taking my call, have a great day!

3. Outro

3.1. Okay fair enough. Well I do want to review this information with you, so I can forward it to our purchasing manager. He’ll reach out to you within 24 hours and discuss different offer options with you.

3.1.1. Review everything discussed

3.2. Then CONFIRM you have the correct #

3.2.1. is it cellphone or landline?

4. Price

4.1. What were you looking to get for the property?

4.1.1. they say a $$ --> Ok is that with you covering closing cost? yes no

4.1.2. What is your offer --> if you HAVE talked about the condition If we were to buy it as-is, cover closing cost and close quickly…mm…our cash offer would be less than what you owe. Meaning you’d have to bring money to closing, which we both know that isn’t something you’re wanting to do. But we do have other ways we acquire property. This might fall under another program we have that allows us to buy property at retail value, but I’m not in that department. if you HAVE NOT talked about condition I’m pulling up it right now, we were looking at a couple of properties over there, but I do remember [describe something about the property]. Ok I just got it right here...well do you have a couple minutes to spare if you don’t mind me asking a couple of questions about the property.

5. Motivation

5.1. Looks like you were in the property for _____ years. I think the average now a days is about 6-7yrs of home ownership…what’s got you wanting to make a move? It’s a nice house/neighborhood/etc...?

5.1.1. (listen + notes + repeat) Proceed to About Us

6. Timeline to Sell

6.1. So we typically close in about 5-10 business days, but because of Covid right now, it might take up to 15 business days at most. Is that something that would work with your timeline? (be quiet)

6.1.1. take notes, when they looking to sell!! Proceed to Motivation

7. Condition of Home

7.1. Okay I'm pulling up the property up right now, bare with me...

7.1.1. Oh, so it looks like this property was listed with an agent before so I can see some pictures that were uploaded. (positively describe the place and build small rapport) If we were to come to an agreement on a price to buy this house, there would be a small inspection report. Is there anything that might come up as a red flag that we may need to know about? (listen + take notes) yes no/nothing

7.2. CONFIRM: Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Sqft

7.3. How's the A/c unit and roof?

7.3.1. Proceed to Timeline

8. About Us

9. When you don’t know something always answer with:

9.1. I’ll be honest with you, my manager just ask me to get as much information on this property and the situation and the numbers so when I hand over the file to him, he can review it with his team to make an educated decision that would benefit you and us so it’s a win-win situation all around. I just mainly get all the information about the property into the system and forward it to him. I know he’ll be able to answer your question thoroughly.