Affiliate Education Plan

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Affiliate Education Plan by Mind Map: Affiliate Education Plan

1. Goals

1.1. To Raise commission from promoting cam

1.2. To Maintain loyalty

1.3. To Reduce Email from CS

2. Resources

2.1. Currently Resource

2.1.1. Productivity Uyên: 04 articles/week Jane Productivity: 02 articles/week Total: 06 articles/week --> Does not meet the requirement

2.2. Solution

2.2.1. Hiring a content staff --> Train in 02 weeks Maximize the productivity by creating outline forms for each content types

2.3. Add-in Solution

2.3.1. Hiring a Senior Video Editor for Youtube Channel --> Use Repackaging-Content Strategy

3. Visual

3.1. Sync Blog Thumbnail

3.2. Sync Youtube Thumbnail

3.3. Sync Telegram Templates

3.4. Image on blog - Size: 600px ngang

4. Content & Channel

4.1. For Beginner Affiliates

4.1.1. Digital Marketing Basics Channel Telegram Youtube Blog Site Dashboard Popup

4.1.2. Free traffic Channel Telegram Blog Site Dashboard Popup

4.1.3. Dashboard Tutorial Channel Telegram Blog Site Dashboard Popup Youtube Auto Email CS Email

4.2. For Intermediates Affiliates

4.2.1. Intermediate Digital Marketing Knowledge Optimize Analyze Channel Blog Site Telegram Dashboard Popup

4.3. For Advanced Affiliates

4.3.1. Advanced Training Knowledge Resource for training How to communicate with team members How to attract more team members Channel Telegram Blog Site Youtube Dashboard Popup

4.4. Case Studies

4.4.1. Channel Telegram Blog Site Dashboard Popup

4.5. Add-on: Following Affliate's Insight --> Do A Survey

4.5.1. Channel Telegram Blog Site Dashboard Popup

5. When?

5.1. Monthly/Anual/Quarterly

5.2. --> Create Detailed Educating Timeline

6. Target Audience

6.1. Beginner Affiliates

6.2. Intermediate Affiliates

6.3. Advanced Affiliates

6.4. --> Create Range with detailed numbers to determine Types of Affiliates

7. Channels

7.1. Social Media

7.1.1. Telegram DMB Free Traffic DT IDMK ATK CS AO

7.1.2. Youtube DMB DT ATK

7.2. Websites

7.2.1. Blog site All Content

7.2.2. Dashboard Notification (None)

7.2.3. Dashboard Popup DT (For first time logging in) AO DMB Free Traffic IDMK ATK CS

7.3. Email Marketing

7.3.1. CS Email DB

7.3.2. Auto Email DB

7.4. How to promote channels?

7.4.1. Repackaging-content strategy

7.4.2. Convert users from multi-channels to GonHit website

7.4.3. Buttons on Contact Us Page

7.4.4. Button on Verifying Email

7.4.5. Notification on the Dashboard

7.4.6. Pop-up on the Dashboard

8. Metric


9. Requires

9.1. At lease 10 educating articles per week - 40% unique