PandoraBox Consulting - Welcome to the Exponential Age - 30 Days of inspiration

A consolidated view of "30 Days of inspiration" from the "World of Business Ideas - designed by Pandorabox Consulting / Arnaud Stéphan

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PandoraBox Consulting - Welcome to the Exponential Age - 30 Days of inspiration by Mind Map: PandoraBox Consulting - Welcome to the Exponential Age - 30 Days of inspiration

1. Crisis Management & Decision Making

1.1. Crisis Management, Under Pressure

1.1.1. Day #6 - How to manage crisis ? - Adam Grant Do not try to calm the game : it will not work because it does not depend on you it will only strengthen the panic mode because you do not have control ... because it does not depend on you ! In both cases, fear (of what could happen) or enthusiasm (about what could happen), the driver is uncertainty: by considering and imagining more positive perspectives, by projecting oneself into a possible enthusiast, we develops creativity rather than suffocating it ... and uncertainty becomes a force, not a threat ...

1.1.2. Day #30 - Thinking Clearly under Pressure - Kevin Roberts Pressure is good : you're trying to do better

1.2. Decision Making

1.2.1. Day #12 - Keys to Better Decision Making - Kory Kogon Better decision making : 1) be intentional and conscious, 2) step back to make sure you feel it's the right decision

1.2.2. Day #23 - Decision-Making within a Company - Gary Hamel A centralized right to make strategic decision-making holds the capacity to change hostage to the leaders willingness and capacity to change : the organization can only change as fast as leaders can learn and unlearn ... and that is not very fast !

2. Innovation, Strategy & Digital

2.1. Innovation

2.1.1. Day #4 - Innovative Mindset - Mohanbir Sawhney Have a central department of innovation, while ensure innovation spirit has to be present in every team

2.1.2. Day #13 - What do Companies Consider Innovation - Gary Hamel By the time an idea rises to the top of the chain of command, it's too late ... and with a good chance that it will be killed anyway by one and only one person who is not not convinced: it's stupid! The only way to survive in a changing world is through innovation: encourage experimentation with ideas: failure on a small scale is affordable in view of the potential gains facilitate access to resources and budget to experiment at any level

2.1.3. Day #18 - Isolation is the Enemy of Innovation - Hal Gregersen Isolation is the enemy of innovation : if people wait less than 2s before answering your questions, it means that everyone in the room knows the answer and those questions will not take your company to another place

2.2. Digital

2.2.1. Day #10 - Digital Disruption - Jeff Immelt The digital transformation is not an end in itself: it's what you make of it that counts. The role of the CEO will be to instill a new culture and create a new belief system: data is a treasure, the relationship with our customers takes precedence over the transaction, ...

2.2.2. Day #21 - Living in a Hyperconnected World - Mohanbir Sawhney Hyperconnectivity will drive the changes in all areas of our life : business, life, health, cities, work, ...

2.2.3. Day #26 - Digital Era - Stew Friedman Where to focus your attention focus is a choice and attention matters

2.2.4. Day #27 - The Pros and Cons of Social Media - Randi Zuckerberg Pros and Cons of social media : make sure you have a good customer service people want to engage with story telling

2.3. Strategy

2.3.1. Day #2 - What Makes a Company Disruptive - Randi Zuckerberg Detect a true problem, affecting a large number of people or businesses

2.3.2. Day #8 - How to stay at the top ? Steve Wozniak Stay open and flexible to jump right into future trends ... ... or you will be late !

2.3.3. Day #5 - Being Open to Market Changes - Michael Porter Being conscious at all times of what is happening in your market is not enough : you must be open to market changes

2.3.4. Day #19 - Good Marketing doesn't mean Big Budgets - Ann Handley Big budget is not equal to good marketing

2.3.5. Day #28 - Businesses are Thinking More About Their Communities - Michael Porter Creating Shared Value : evolution of corporate thinking about social impact

2.3.6. Day #29 - Behavioral Economics and Marketing - Kelly Peters Leverage behavioral economics in your marketing strategy

3. Leadership, Postures & Emotions

3.1. Leadership

3.1.1. Day #9 - Responsibility of leaders - Simon Sinek Leaders are not responsible for achieving the results : they are responsible for the environment to create for the people to achieve the results ! ... this is unfortunately why we have a lot of managers and so few leaders ...

3.1.2. Day #15 - Leaders Responsibilities to their Employess - Whitney Johnson Leaders' responsibilities to their employees : be the lighthouse, that brings safety and support a harbour for their dreams

3.1.3. Day #17 - Keys to Today's Leadership - Charlene Li Key to leadership, not leadership as a title, but leadership as a mindset : put relationships at the centre and how they are crafted a manifesto of your principles be present, be consistent

3.1.4. Day #22 - Are Business Leaders Prepared for the Future ? - Victoria Roos-Olsson Not enough ready now leaders because of massive generation shift and massive speed of change : 40% of the jobs as we know them today will be gone in the next decade so ... how are we preparing for our leaders to be ready for that ?

3.2. Postures

3.2.1. Day #1 - Building Trusting Teams - Simon Sinek Build and create an environment in which people can work at their natural best

3.2.2. Day #7 - How we handle is how we show our character ? - Zoe Chance Contributing to solving the problem of a client, friend or colleague actually contributes to nurturing the relationship and therefore increasing loyalty: in a business or professional relationship in particular, we get out of a simple "transaction" to build a "relationship" ... I let you form your own opinion on the repercussions in terms of customer loyalty, employer brand, ...

3.2.3. Day #14 - Empowering Employees - Daniel Lamarre Empowering employees : the culture of a company is defined by its creativity that will shape its future as a leader you must accept to be challenged by your employees if you have a pyramid hierarchy, people will not have the right forums to exchange, challenge ideas and therefore no creativity

3.2.4. Day #16 - Entrepreneurs make it happen - Seth Godin Nobody is born with the keys to success !

3.2.5. Day #20 - Hire People Smarter than You - Ram Charan You will learn from them !

3.2.6. Day #25 - Diversity with a Capital D - Alan Mulally Get people see how much they have in common rather their differences

3.3. Emotions

3.3.1. Day #3 - Emotions in Decision Making - Daniel Kahneman Emotions lead us to the results we want to achieve Impulsive actions drive us to poor decision making

3.3.2. Day #11 - Failure as a Part of Success - Jimmy Wales Don't tie your ego to your business ! Ego and entrepreneurship do not mix well: focusing on your idea and considering YOU are your idea paralyzes more than sets in motion ... Certainty and the fear of losing it will prevent you from moving forward, action finds its engine in uncertainty ... and the ego has no place in this dynamic!

3.3.3. Day #24 - Agility of Companies - Susan David Agility in companies : we need people to be agile to become an agile organizational but no agility without emotional agility as when faced with stress humans shutdown and become more transactional it's less about what intention we want than how we can let people bring their intentions to the table