The Decision Book Fifty Models for Strategic Thinking Mikael Krogerus & Roman Tschappeler

The Decision Book

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The Decision Book Fifty Models for Strategic Thinking Mikael Krogerus & Roman Tschappeler by Mind Map: The Decision Book Fifty Models for Strategic Thinking Mikael Krogerus & Roman Tschappeler

1. How to Improve Your Self

1.1. Eisenhower Matrix

1.1.1. Eisenhower Matrix

1.1.2. Video The Eisenhower matrix: How to manage your tasks with EISENHOWER

1.2. SWOT analysis

1.2.1. SWOT Analysis

1.2.2. video Business strategy - SWOT analysis

1.3. BGC Matrix

1.3.1. BGC Matrix

1.3.2. Video How to Invest - The BCG Matrix

1.4. Project Portfolio Matrix

1.4.1. video The Project Portfolio Matrix - HOW TO MAINTAIN AN OVERVIEW

1.4.2. Project Portfolio Matrix

1.5. John Whitmore Model

1.5.1. John Whitmore Model

1.5.2. Video The GROW Model for Coaching - Origins and application - Sir John Whitmore Cleverly Connected: Sir John Whitmore at TEDxCheltenham

1.6. Rubber Band Model

1.6.1. Rubber band model

1.6.2. Video The rubber band model - Choices and decisions

1.7. Feedback Model

1.7.1. Feedback Model

1.7.2. Video The secret to giving great feedback | The Way We Work, a TED series

1.8. Family Tree Model

1.9. Scamper

1.9.1. Scamper

1.9.2. Video How to Generate Ideas with the SCAMPER Technique

1.10. Consequences Model

1.10.1. Consequences Model

1.10.2. Video The Consequences Model - Making Decisions Fast

1.11. Conflict Resolution Model

1.11.1. Conflict Resolution Model

1.12. Cross Road Model

1.12.1. video Personal compass

1.13. Game Plan Model

1.13.1. Game Plan Model

1.13.2. video NOVA Scribes - Visual Templates - 8/17/2020

2. How to Understand Your Self Better

2.1. Flow Model

2.1.1. Graphs 2 1

2.1.2. video The 4 Fs of Flow | FLOW by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi | Core Message

2.2. Johari Window

2.2.1. video Johari Window Model

2.2.2. Johari Window

2.3. Cognitive Dissonance Model

2.3.1. Cognitive Dissonance Model

2.3.2. video A Lesson In Cognitive Dissonance

2.4. Unimaginable model

2.4.1. Unimaginable model

2.4.2. Video The Unimaginable Model - What I Believe But Cannot Prove

2.5. Super Memo Model

2.5.1. Super Memo Model

2.5.2. video The Supermemo Model - How to Remember Everything You Learned

2.6. Personal Performance Model

2.6.1. Personal Performance Model

2.7. Personal Potential Trap

2.7.1. video The Personal Potential Trap - Is It Better Not to Expect Anything

2.7.2. Personal Potential Trap

2.8. Hype Cycle

2.8.1. hype cycle

2.8.2. video Gartner Hype Cycle

3. How to Understand Others Better

3.1. Swiss Cheese Model

3.1.1. video Reasons Swiss Cheese Model

3.1.2. Swiss Cheese Model

3.2. Maslow Pyramid

3.2.1. Video Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - What motivates us?

3.2.2. Maslow Pyramid

3.3. Thinking Outside the Box

3.3.1. video How To Think Outside The Box

3.3.2. Link What Does “Think Outside of the Box” Mean?

3.3.3. Thinking Outside the Box

3.4. Pareto Principle

3.4.1. Pareto Principle

3.4.2. video Jordan Peterson - Pareto Distributions

3.5. Long Tail model

3.5.1. Long Tail Model

3.5.2. Video Long Tail Distributions

3.6. Monte Carlo Simulation

3.6.1. Video Understanding and Creating Monte Carlo Simulation Step By Step Monte Carlo Simulation

3.6.2. Monte Carlo Simulation

3.7. BlackSwan Model

3.8. Product difussion curve

3.8.1. Product difussion curve

3.8.2. video Diffusion of Innovation Theory: The Adoption Curve

3.9. Black Box Model

3.9.1. Video Understanding Black-Box Models with Partial Dependence and Individual Conditional Expectation Plots

3.10. Prisonner's dillemma

3.10.1. Prisonner's dillemma

3.10.2. Video Game Theory 101: The Prisoner's Dilemma

4. How to Improve Others

4.1. Drexler-Sibbet Performance Model

4.1.1. Drexler-Sibbet Performance Model

4.1.2. video Team Performance Sketchtalk—April 2009 The Grove's Team Performance System Drexler Sibbet Model NOVA Scribes Grove Team Performance Model

4.2. Hersey Blanchard Model

4.2.1. Hersey Blanchard Model

4.2.2. video Dr Paul Hersey Situational Leadership® Situational Leadership Model Explained

4.3. Role Playing Model

4.4. Result Optimization Model

4.5. The World's Next Top Model