Geocultural Scientific Literacy

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Geocultural Scientific Literacy by Mind Map: Geocultural Scientific Literacy

1. Types

1.1. digital information literacy

1.2. critical literacy

1.3. informative literacy

1.4. electronic information literacy

1.5. media literacy

1.6. network

1.7. scientific literacy

2. the main purpose

2.1. to acquaint students with cultural and geographical features of some countries, trends and prospects of international politics in the conditions of globalization

3. Norris and Philips stated that the term was used to include

3.1. • Knowledge of what counts as science;

3.2. • Understanding science and its applications;

3.3. • Independence in learning science;

3.4. • Knowledge needed for intelligent participation in science-based issues

3.5. • Understanding the nature of science, including its relationship with culture;

3.6. • Ability to use scientific knowledge in problem solving;

4. implies the competence of an individual’s awareness of place, orientation, cultural understanding and ability to distinguish and critically spacial relationships in the international community for scientific decision-making, problem solving, developing one’s own knowledge, active participating in local and world community and general scientific lifelong education.