IT Specialist Positions L.A.Unified School District

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IT Specialist Positions L.A.Unified School District by Mind Map: IT Specialist Positions L.A.Unified School District

1. School Site

1.1. Technology Coordinators

1.1.1. oversees operations at schools; implement ad hoc network;, negotiate with contractor;, long-term tech. development; purchase equipment; supporting and fixing equipment; supervise network admin. and support staff

1.2. Network Administrators

1.2.1. ensure systems are functioning; server efficiency; printer capabilities; user logins, data backup; security protection

1.3. Support Staff

1.3.1. assist teachers with hardware problems; advise coordinators on equipment purchasing and implementation plans; fix non-operational equipment

2. Local District

2.1. Instructional Technology Applications Facilitators (ITAF)

2.1.1. facilitate communication, translation, and negotiation between school site tech. coordinators and central level district admin; organize teacher development; facilitate placement of tech. teachers and coordinators throughout district

2.2. Complex Project Managers/ Business Managers

2.2.1. provide contractors with blueprints on schools; inspecting complete networks and requesting changes; "signing off" once networks are completed to specifications

3. Central District

3.1. Program Administrators

3.1.1. oversee large-scale construction projects; manage specifications and distribution of computers; organize staff development sessions

3.2. Information Managers

3.2.1. include network service personnel, statisticians, and auditors; monitor students information systems, centrally maintain Internet access for schools and staff; update Web content; produce reports for policy makers; conduct software audits

3.3. Technology Adminstrators

3.3.1. include assistant superintendent, chief information officer, chief technology officer; supervise programs; serving as liaisons between policymakers and program admin.; provide information to policymakers; negotiate policies; communicate policies to program admin.; collect suggestions from staff; translate information back to policymakers

3.4. Policymakers

3.4.1. crafting technology policies; evaluating cost-efficiency and educational efficacy of tech. programs; order reports; take recommendations from tech. staff; establish district-wide information tech. plan

4. External Providers

4.1. Contractors

4.1.1. district-supported tech. infrastructure construction or alteration; reconfigure space which affects pedagogical practices; negotiate with program admin. over specifications

4.2. Vendors

4.2.1. software and hardware providers; cultivate relationships with tech. coordinators; recommend products