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Music & Meaning by Mind Map: Music & Meaning

1. Cook's Theory

1.1. Music’s Internal Structure [Focus solely on Music Itself]

1.1.1. Symmetries

1.1.2. Directional Motions

1.1.3. Patterns of implication

1.1.4. Realisation/ Neglecting

1.2. Psychological Approach [Society]

1.2.1. Context of its creation

1.2.2. Context of its performance Object: Pic, Poem, Book Music Music elements: groove, harmony, hook

1.2.3. Context of its reception

2. Meyer's Theory

2.1. Absolutist [Meaning comes from music itself]

2.1.1. Expressionist [convey emotional meaning]

2.1.2. Formalist

2.2. Referentialist [Refer to literature, poems]

2.2.1. Almost all referentialist are expressionist