Smart Cities

Plan your projects and define important tasks and actions

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Smart Cities by Mind Map: Smart Cities

1. Links

1.1. Shanghai

1.2. Healthy City Information

1.3. General information about sustainability

1.4. Information about state by state smart growth

1.5. Sustainability information

1.6. San Francisco information:

1.7. Nouveau sujet

1.8. General what is “smart growth”

2. Explain the characteristic of city's economy

2.1. Do jobs provide good wages?

2.1.1. Materials

2.1.2. Personel

2.1.3. Services

2.1.4. Duration

2.2. Are the city’s businesses stable?

2.3. Do they have the appropriate technology development?

2.4. How do the businesses they have refrain from contributing to air pollution?

3. Stakeholders

3.1. Project Sponsor

3.2. Project Manager

3.3. Developers

3.4. Primary User Group

3.5. Supporting Staff

4. Compare between one of the cities in France and abroad.

4.1. a. Ithaca, New York b. Toronto, Canada c. San Francisco, California d. Bogotá, Colombia e. Portland, Oregon f. Shanghai, China

5. Project Information

5.1. Also known as Sustainable Cities

5.2. Definition

5.3. 3 Characteristics

5.3.1. Economic Development

5.3.2. Environmental Development

5.3.3. Social Factors Development

6. Explain how the community addresses its social issues.

6.1. How does it work to reduce crime?

6.1.1. Project specifications

6.1.2. End User requirements

6.1.3. Action points sign-off

6.2. How does it make housing affordable for everyone?

6.2.1. Define actions as necessary

6.3. How are the citizens educated to meet the skills needed to work in the community?

6.4. How does the community address issues of equity among citizens?

6.5. How does it build a sense of community and spirituality?

7. Create a T-sheet (one for the group) with one side labeled “similarities” and the other labeled “differences” on the poster. The poster should also include a map of where the city is located and some general details about the city.

7.1. Schedule

7.2. Budget

7.3. Resources

7.4. Delays

8. Explain the city plans for environmental health

8.1. How does it work toward reducing and/or eliminating pollution in water, air, and land?

8.1.1. Dependencies

8.1.2. Milestones

8.1.3. 3 Characteristics Economic Development Environmental Development Social Factors Development

8.2. How does it protect its natural open spaces and its wildlife and ecosystem?

8.2.1. Schedule

8.2.2. Budget

8.2.3. 3 Characteristics Economic Development Environmental Development Social Factors Development

8.3. How does it minimize its’ heavy use of chemicals?

8.3.1. KPI's

8.4. What type of sewage treatment does the city have?

8.5. How does it create space for people to walk, ride their bikes, or use mass transit?

8.6. Explain how their homes, jobs, and shopping are in close proximity.