Jesus Series Vision Page

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Jesus Series Vision Page by Mind Map: Jesus Series Vision Page

1. Creative Ideas

1.1. Buffer

1.2. Graphic

1.2.1. Goofy Pictures of Jesus. Really?! This really is the picture of Jesus we want?

1.3. Marketing

1.3.1. Let's do a little more with this one to see if we can make more of an impact.

1.3.2. Going after skeptics

1.4. Video

1.5. Movie Clips

1.6. Songs

1.6.1. Come to the Water-Brett Younker

1.7. Staging/Decor

1.8. Creative Teaching Ideas

1.8.1. N90T

2. Week #5: The Darkest Hour

2.1. Is Jesus really the only way to God?

2.2. Is Jesus leading a rebellion?

2.3. Is Jesus really the king of the Jews?

2.4. What is truth?

2.5. Did Jesus really die?

2.6. Was his death really that bad?

2.7. Can Jesus really get us to heaven?

3. Week #6: The Resurrection

3.1. Did Jesus really resurrect?

4. Week #3: No Ordinary Man

4.1. What did Jesus teach?

4.2. What is the Kingdom of God?

4.3. Who is Jesus for?

4.4. What was different about Jesus?

4.5. What kind of power did Jesus have?

4.6. What is the work of God?

4.7. Was Jesus really God?

4.8. Powerful teaching.

4.9. Powerful actions.

5. Week #4: Jesus, the Son of God.

5.1. Who do people say that I am?

5.2. What kind of commitment did Jesus ask?

5.3. Did Jesus really think he was God?

5.4. Who then can be saved?

5.5. Did Jesus really know how he would die?

5.6. Is Jesus the only way to God?

6. Week #1: A king is born.

6.1. Was Jesus really born of a virgin?

6.2. Is it a big deal that he's born of a virgin?

6.3. Did God rape Mary?

6.4. The story of Mary

6.5. The story of Joseph

6.6. It would be incredibly difficult for them to live this out.

6.7. Isaiah foretold Jesus being born of a virgin

6.8. Is Jesus really a king?

6.9. Did Jesus really fulfill prophecy?

7. Week #2: Jesus' Ministry begins

7.1. Who really is Jesus?

7.2. Was Jesus really human?

7.3. Passed temption

7.4. Jesus had high praise for John, but John put Jesus into a different stratosphere.

7.5. Despite being God, he would hang out with anybody.

7.6. While he was God, he was human. He was tempted. He prayed. He got tired and hungry.

7.7. Only God can forgive sins.

7.8. When John asked about who Jesus is, Jesus told him all the things he did. This is evidence the Kingdom has come close.

8. Vision

8.1. Goals

8.1.1. Lead people to repentance and salvation because they realize who Jesus is.

8.1.2. Develop people who are indispensable.

8.2. Key

8.2.1. Jesus is man, God and Savior.

8.2.2. God wants his people to be indispensable to society.

8.3. Kingdom Come. Show the kingdom progression from the life of Jesus.

8.4. Really?! How key questions from skeptics about Jesus.

8.5. Common thread: Contribution to society. How do we contribute to society as Christians?

9. Study Ideas

9.1. The Story Chapters

9.2. Case For Christ, Strobel

9.3. Vintage Jesus, Mars Hill Church

9.4. Evidence That Demands a Verdict, McDowell

10. What good is religion if it can't help in a practical way? What good is Jesus if he can't help?