Business Direction

Business plan for a small operation build on trust and hard work.

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Business Direction by Mind Map: Business Direction

1. Build a Team to Support

1.1. Sheila

1.1.1. Assign door knocks on hubstaff

1.1.2. pull data

1.1.3. Administrative tasks as needed

1.1.4. Manage VA on Lead Sherpa and the Two VA's on Mojo Dialer

1.1.5. Send Direct Mail, Pull Lists, Load Data to Mojo and Lead Sherpa


1.2.1. Filter all the leads that come in from marketing channels, be crm expert

1.2.2. Goal: Make appointments

1.2.3. Follow Up

1.2.4. Fill our calendar


1.2.6. Document! Develop Templates, Processes and Procedures for everything we do

2. Only work with people you like and Trust

2.1. Yustin, Anthony, Erica

2.2. Less people involved, more to distribute. Keep it small, Keep it all

3. Marketing Channels

3.1. Lead Sherpa

3.1.1. One person to manage it, can jump on the phone at any time. Send leads to lead manager

3.2. Cold Call

3.2.1. A few people on one license. Well trained to ttp. Send leads to lead manager

3.3. Direct Mail

3.3.1. Golden Address

3.4. Door Knock

3.4.1. Hubstaff, lets see how well it works

3.4.2. Hire Knockers to say a script and manage them.

3.4.3. Have flyer ready in event no one home

3.4.4. Biggest Contribution from Yustin and Anthony. Proof of Concept. So why not built a business around that model?

3.5. Online Marketing Person

3.5.1. PPC, expensive but keep an eye on conversions. I think if we convert then is ok to pay $300/lead

3.5.2. Get us on Facebook

3.5.3. Get us on Instagram

3.5.4. Edit videos and place all over for credibility

3.5.5. Rent or own a studio to do podcast and educate people. This person will edit the videos and release them.

4. Possible Problems

4.1. Best use of my time: Running the business not door knocking; others may not see it that way and show resentment. Answer: We each know our roles and contributions and are ok with it.

4.2. Doing deals takes up time: Hire a contractor that takes care of all the rehab.

4.3. Time Off, Vacations

4.4. Vetting People: Whom do we bring on board? How are we going to do that? Three private decisions: Best 2 out of 3 wins.

5. Opportunities

5.1. Hotels: We have the money to borrow unless we get a really good offer as an assignment

5.2. Document: Have a template for everything we do in order to streamline and be predicable with outcomes.

5.3. Its no one's company: We are doing deals and getting paid out of the HUD. Eliminates tax consequences for the company.

5.4. $700.00 Office we can either prospect on the 2nd office or turn it into a studio to podcast.

5.4.1. Podcast? Gain Credibility, give back, recruit talent, be known as buyers and helps our online marketing efforts. We must get attention.

5.5. We have success: People will show up and ask. How are you successful? When they show up bill them, have a program in place that teaches people how to get deals without giving away trade secrets; just in case san antonio investor buys the course.

5.6. Treat it as a real business:

5.6.1. 1. Be clear with them just like you are clear with sellers

5.6.2. 2. Show them the vision and the price they must pay to get there.

5.6.3. 3. Young hustlers work best

5.6.4. 4. If they don't work out we are not out much money. First two weeks you don't get paid unless you stick around.


6.1. Sell payments on these notes, get cash heavy.

6.2. Sell IH35

6.3. Finish Selling Longleaf

6.4. Finish Taxes

6.5. Close Baker deal

6.5.1. Close Indiana

6.6. Sub2 or Purchase now with cheap money via self flip. Fun house with Pool