«Economic Life Players» (Undertakings)

Fair Competition Fundamentals in Ukraine

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«Economic Life Players» (Undertakings) by Mind Map: «Economic Life Players» (Undertakings)

1. business groups connected under control relationships

2. commercial/business entities (enterpreneurs)

2.1. individual/private enterpreneurs ("FOPs")

2.2. companies/enterprises (legal persons)

2.3. partnerships/joint ventures of contractual nature (no legal personality)

3. undertakings as non-business players

3.1. no goal to generate profit

3.2. non-commercial state/commun enterprises

3.3. state authorities (sometimes)

4. union(s) of business and/or non-business "players" (associations/ conglomerates/ consortiums/ corporate groups)

5. FAIR COMPETITION - as a "healthy market" prerequisite

5.1. cartels prohibited

5.1.1. fix prices

5.1.2. limit output

5.1.3. share market

5.2. dominant position abuse prohibited

5.2.1. extra products/services prohibited

5.3. concentration control

5.4. unfair competition prohibited

5.4.1. use someone's business image/reputation (unlawful)

5.4.2. collect, disclose, use someone's trade secrets (unlawful)

5.4.3. achieve competitive advantages or create obstacles to others (unlawful)