Legal Presence in Ukraine

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Legal Presence in Ukraine by Mind Map: Legal Presence in Ukraine

1. commercial/business companies (legal persons)

1.1. general pertnership

1.2. limited partnership

1.3. limited liability company

1.4. additional liability company

1.5. joint-stock company

1.5.1. private

1.5.2. public

2. individual entrepreneurs (natural/physical persons)

3. joint ventures / cooperation agreements (no legal personality)

3.1. by natural persons only

3.2. by legal persons only

3.3. by both legal and natural persons

4. structural units (no legal personality)

4.1. representative offices

4.2. branches

5. non-business institutions

5.1. NGOs (employees units, charitable funds)

5.2. political parties

5.3. consumer/housing cooperatives

5.4. religious organizations

6. Business Groups