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Charities by Mind Map: Charities

1. Soccer aid

1.1. We heard of soccer aid because lots of us in the group are interested in football

1.2. Soccer aid arranges celebrity football matches to raise money for charity

1.3. Link to soccer aid


2.1. We picked this charity as a possible idea because we seen it on the TV

2.2. They go round peoples house making sure there is know animal cruelty

2.3. Link to RSPCA website

3. Cancer reasearch

3.1. Hannah told me about her familys past with cancer

3.2. Cancer research is a charity trying to save peoples lives who have cancer

3.3. Link to the website

4. Children in need

4.1. We thought about picking children in need because we seen it on TV

4.2. Children in need help children be safe, happy and secure and helps them reach their full potential

4.3. Link to children in need

5. Help for heroes

5.1. We picked this charity because we wanted to for injured service people

5.2. Help for heroes helps injured personnel and there families

5.3. Link to help for heroes

5.4. The activities we thought of were fifa 13 tournament, car wash, fun run, shoot carl with a paint ball gun, sell T-Shirts football match, table tennis and a quiz