Tudástérkép (Gábor)

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Tudástérkép (Gábor) by Mind Map: Tudástérkép (Gábor)

1. "Sikerült"

1.1. succeed to

1.1.1. I succeeded to stop not to hit the boy.

1.2. manage to

1.2.1. I managed to stop my car so I didnt hit the boy.

2. Igeidők

2.1. 12

2.1.1. I did I do I will do

2.1.2. I was doing I am doing I will be doing

2.1.3. I had done I have done I will have done

2.1.4. I had been doing I have been doing I will have been doing

2.2. I am going to do

2.3. Used to

3. Személyes névmások és eseteik

3.1. :-)

4. Célhatározói mondat

4.1. Egyalanyos

4.1.1. to

4.2. Kétalanyos

4.2.1. so (that)

5. A szokástól eltérés

5.1. Every day I walk to school but today I went by bus.

5.2. I always wake up at 6 o'clock but today I woke up at 7.

5.3. Every night I read a book but tonight I am reading a newspaper.

5.4. I always drink tea for breakfast but this morning I drank coffee.

5.5. Juliette usually wears jeans bu today she is wearing a skirt.

6. Feltételes mondat

6.1. 0

6.1.1. IF I do, I do.

6.1.2. If water freezes, it turns into ice.

6.2. 1st

6.2.1. IF I do, I will do.

6.2.2. If we have a lot of money, I will buy a new house.

6.3. 2nd

6.3.1. IF I did, I would do.

6.3.2. If we had a lot of money, I would buy a new house.

6.4. 3rd

6.4.1. IF I had done, I would have done.

6.4.2. If we had had a lot of money, I would have bought a new house.

6.5. 3rd mixed with 2nd

6.5.1. If he had learned more, he would have a better job.

7. Számnevek

7.1. 1, 2, 3...

7.2. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th...

7.3. The clock time

7.4. Dates

7.5. Address

7.5.1. 40 Main street

7.6. Mathematical calculations

7.6.1. + 5 plus 6 equals 11

7.6.2. - 5 minus 6 equals -1

7.6.3. × 8 times 4 equals 32 8 multiplied by 4 equals 32

7.6.4. ÷ 8 divided by 4 is 2 8 divided by 2 makes 4

7.7. Temperature

7.7.1. It's 10 below zero.

7.8. Size of rectangels

7.8.1. This table top is about 1 by 2 meters.

8. Prepozíciók

8.1. Hely

8.1.1. in, on, at, in front of, behind, over, under, through, by, from

8.2. Idő

8.2.1. before, after, within

8.3. Egyéb

8.3.1. with, by,

9. Definitions

9.1. 1. Genus proximum 2. Diffentia specifica

9.1.1. A piece of furniture...

9.1.2. A vehicle...

9.1.3. A house animal...

9.1.4. A mammal...

9.1.5. An object of use...

9.1.6. Cutlery...

9.1.7. A natural pehomenon...

10. Passzív mondatok

10.1. T + BE + V3

10.2. Az igeidő marad!

11. Összehasonlítás

11.1. as ... as ...

11.1.1. The man is as tall as the woman.

11.1.2. Peter is as old as his twin brother.

11.1.3. I have as many books as my cousin (has).

11.1.4. There is as much milk in the glass as (there is) in the bottle.

11.1.5. Ten is twice as much as 5 is.

11.2. ... than ...

11.2.1. More people are standing than sitting in the street.

11.2.2. Water is heavier than alcohol.

11.2.3. Ten is more than three.

11.2.4. 10 is more than 3.

11.2.5. Kids are always younger then thier parents.

12. Kérdő mondatok

12.1. Eldöntendő

12.1.1. YES/NO question

12.2. Kiegészítendő

12.2.1. Kérdőszó: Wh...

13. Kell(lene)

13.1. Have to do*

13.1.1. He has to be at work within 5 minutes.

13.2. Must do

13.2.1. He must be in the park as soon as possible to see his girlfriend.

13.3. Need to do

13.3.1. To see his girlfriend, he needs to call for a taxi.

13.3.2. To see the gallery, you don't need to pay.

13.4. Should do

13.4.1. You should work more to earn more money.

13.4.2. Julia should have come earlier (in order) to have a table in the restaurant.

13.4.3. I see you have a headache. You'd better to take an Aspirin.

13.5. Need

13.5.1. I need a screwdriver

14. Beágyazott kérdés

14.1. Who do you think is standing in front of the door?

14.2. What time do you think the performance starts?

15. Jobban tennéd, ha...

15.1. You'd better...

15.1.1. I see you have a headache. You'd better to take an Aspirin.

16. Szeretném, ha megtennéd

16.1. I want you to do it.

16.2. Dad wanted me to dig up the garden.

16.3. The teacher wanted us to do the homework.

16.4. I wanted the kids to go out playing in the garden.

16.5. Mum wanted dad to repair the lock.

17. Van

17.1. BE

17.1.1. The house is in the street.

17.2. Have

17.2.1. I have a house in the street.

17.3. There is There are

17.3.1. There is a house in the street.

18. Megszámlálható, megszámlálhatatlan főnevek

18.1. [C]

18.1.1. How many...? So many...

18.2. [U]

18.2.1. How much? So much...

19. Műveltető mondat

19.1. Have

19.1.1. I am having my room painted.

19.2. Get

19.2.1. I got the room painter to paint my room.

19.3. Let

19.3.1. Let me know about your plans.

19.4. Make

19.4.1. Don't make me sad.

20. Felszólító mondatok

20.1. Do

20.2. Let's do (Let us do)

21. Teszek valamit, azáltal, hogy teszek valamit.

21.1. Doing sg by doing sg.

21.2. I am making you happy by buying you a balloon.

21.3. I made money by working.

21.4. I increased the temperature of the room by closing the window.

22. Melléknévfokozás

22.1. -er

22.1.1. the -est

22.2. more

22.2.1. the most

23. Utókérdés

23.1. Today we have a nice weather, don't we?

23.1.1. Today we don't have a nice weather, do we?

23.2. It's a beautiful day, isn't it?

23.2.1. It isn't a beautiful day, is it?

23.3. John likes chocolate, doesn't he?

23.3.1. John doesn't like chocolate, does he?

23.4. Mom is working now, isn't she?

23.4.1. Mom isn't working now, is she?

23.5. This girl is cute, isn't she?

23.5.1. This girl isn't cute, is she?

23.6. This girl isn't tall, is she?

23.6.1. This girl is tall, isn't she?

23.7. I am right, aren't I?

23.7.1. I am not right, am I?

24. ...-e?

24.1. if

24.2. whether

25. Idézet/jelentés

25.1. Citation: Direct speech

25.1.1. Peter said "I am hungry."

25.1.2. He said "I am happy today."

25.1.3. He said "I was happy yesterday."

25.1.4. Jill said "Tomorrow I will travel to France."

25.2. Reported speech

25.2.1. Peter said he was hungry.

25.2.2. He said he was happy that day.

25.2.3. He said he had been happy the day before.

25.2.4. Jill said she would travel to France the day after.

26. Ő (nem tudjuk a nemét)

26.1. he or she

26.1.1. On the train, the gaurd asks you for the ticket. Always show him/her it.

26.2. they

26.2.1. On the train, the gaurd asks you for the ticket. Always show them it.

27. of (from)/out of

27.1. Made of...

27.1.1. This table was made of wood.

27.1.2. This table was made from wood.

27.2. A part of a group

27.2.1. 7 out of 10 like lemon.

28. Mondatkezdések, fogózdók

28.1. Well...

28.2. I would like to re-formulate my sentence.

28.3. I didn't quite catch your sentence.

28.3.1. Will you repeat it (your sentence/question) please?

28.4. I think...

28.5. As far as I know...

28.6. Knowing the situation, the best solution would be...

28.7. A I see the things...

28.8. Since I forgot the word I want to say, I will / I am trying to define it.

28.9. With the acception with your opinion...

28.10. Arguing with your opinion...

28.11. To my opinion...

28.12. Accepting your opinion...

28.13. Please, let me think...

28.14. It depends on...

29. Hacsaknem

29.1. I will go to Vienna with my car unless you take me there.

29.2. We'll go for a walk unless it rains.

29.3. We don't buy a castle unless we win the lottery.

29.4. We are going to walk to Jennifer's unless the bus leaves on time.

29.5. I cannot finish my work unless you help.

30. Óhajtó mondatok

30.1. I whish [I did]...

30.1.1. I wish the war would be over.

30.1.2. I wish I won the lottery.

30.1.3. I wish I could fly.

30.1.4. I wish I had a plane.

30.1.5. I wish I arrived home in time.

30.1.6. I wish Peter would forgive me.

31. Phrasel verbs ("igekötős igék")

31.1. https://quizlet.com/144512470/phrasal-verbs-flash-cards/

32. Prefer

32.1. Prefer to

32.1.1. (At teatime) 'Te or coffee?' 'I prefer tea to coffee.'

32.2. Prefer

32.2.1. 'What do you usualy drink in teatime?' 'I prefer tea.'

33. He does everything EXCEPT/BUT ...

33.1. My dog DOES EVERYTHING BUT bark.

33.1.1. My dog DOES EVERYTHING EXEPT bark.

33.2. Frank's son DOES EVERYTHING BUT learn.

33.2.1. Frank's son DOES EVERYTHING EXEPT learn.

34. Although...

34.1. Although...

34.2. I do. However...

34.3. In spite of the NOUN...

34.3.1. Despite the NOUN... ... fact (that) ...