Synerzip Skills

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Synerzip Skills by Mind Map: Synerzip Skills

1. Technology Skills

1.1. Mobile

1.1.1. iOS Enterprise Applications UI & UX Security Audit Back End Integration - SOAP/Rest Frameworks Cocoa touch Core Data Story Boarding Location Based Services Push Notification Showcase Silicon India Presentation on Instrumentation

1.1.2. Android D2C OEM Customization Showcase Android Youtube Tutorials KinoSense Android OpenSource Project

1.1.3. Windows 7/8 PoC - Shopping Carted

1.1.4. HTML5/CSS3 Google QO 45 Sencha Touch 2 Youtube Tutorial HTML5 HTML5 Google DevFest Talk

1.1.5. Hybrid PhoneGap/Cordova Authored Book - Beginning PhoneGap Cloud Push

1.2. Enterprise

1.2.1. Database Programming Oracle- PL/SQL SQL Server BI Pentaho Business Objects informatica Cognos ab-Initio Reporting NOSQL Mongo-DB Hadoop-HBase CouchDB Cassandra RDMS MySQL-5x SQL Server 2005/8 LDAP Microsoft Active Directory

1.2.2. Middleware ORM Hibernate iBatis JPA .NET Entity Framework nHibernate EAI JCA SSIS SOA Rules Engine Drools Selectica Web JSP PHP JSF ASP .NET Frameworks NodeJS Spring MVC Struts 2 ChartFX Java Charting Library (Server Side) Platform .Net JEE RAILS Spring Delphi XE/2010 NodeJs Dependency Injection Unity Spring Core GIN and GUICE Message Bus Enterprise Message Bus

1.2.3. UI Adobe Flash Flex Air Ajax ext-JS GWT jQuery Single Page Application JavaScript Libraries HTML5 CSS3 GWT Desktop UI Windows Presentation Foundations (WPF) SWT Swing Eclipse RCP

1.2.4. Server Communication Reverse Ajax/Comet/Hanging GET Server Side Events Google C2DM Apple Push GWT Event Service (Browser Push)

1.3. Special Purpose

1.3.1. Sharepoint 2010

1.3.2. Documentum

1.3.3. Biztalk

1.4. Languages

1.4.1. Java

1.4.2. Ruby

1.4.3. C++ Managed Unmanaged

1.4.4. PERL

1.4.5. Python

1.4.6. Functional Clojure Scala

1.4.7. C#

1.4.8. VB .NET

1.4.9. Object-Pascal

1.4.10. JavaScript

1.4.11. Objective-C

1.5. Operating Systems

1.5.1. Windows

1.5.2. Linux

1.5.3. MacOS

1.5.4. Unix

1.5.5. Solaris

1.5.6. iOS

1.6. Social

1.6.1. Facebook API

1.6.2. OpenSocial API

1.6.3. PhotoBucket API

1.6.4. Spring Social for Java

1.7. Security

1.7.1. OAuth 2.0

1.7.2. Spring Security

2. Process Skills

2.1. Test

2.1.1. Automation Functional Selenium WATIR Sahi QTP SOAP UI Sikuli UAT BDD Fitnesse Performance OpenSTA jMeter Loadrunner Grinder JProfiler Unit testing JUnit nUnit testNG test-unit (Ruby) DUnits OCUnit (Apple) Jasmine (JavaScript) GTest (C++) Automation Scripting Perl Programming Apple Script Java VbScript Python Programming Ruby Scripting C++ Programming Database Testing SQL Developer

2.1.2. Manual Reliability/Compatibility Testing OS/Platforms Security Testing Encryption/Decryption Testing Hacking Testing Localization Testing (i18n) Functional Testing Interoperatibility Test Coverage Matrix Feature Coverage Test Data Coverage

2.1.3. Test Management Tools Jira Ontime Test Rail Bugzilla Test Link App Test Quality Center IBM Clear Quest

2.1.4. Mobile Platform based Android iOS Cross Platform Phone Monkey Monkey Talk Sikuli AndroidScreenCast

2.2. Build

2.2.1. Continuous Integration Cruise Control Jenkins/ Hudson Bamboo LuntBuild

2.2.2. Framework Ant/ nAnt Buildr Rake Make Maven Team Foundation Server (TFS)

2.3. Development

2.3.1. IDE Eclipse Visual Studio intellij Netbeans Ruby Mine XCode Delphi IDE WebStorm

2.3.2. Static Code Analyser PMD/CPD Find Bugs Sonar Visual Studio Team System Resharper FxCop Lint CheckStyle

2.3.3. Version Control Subversion CVS VSS Git Mercurial Perforce Team Foundation Server (TFS)

2.4. Deployment

2.4.1. Virtualization VMWare Workstation 8/9 Windows Virtual PC

2.4.2. Deployment Scripts Windows Deployment Server 2008

2.4.3. Cloud Deployment AWS Deployment Elastic Load Balancing Cloud Watch Backups Amazon Scripting Cache Management (Elasticache) VPC RightScale YLastic Hybrid Fox S3Fox

2.5. Documentation

2.5.1. Doxygen

2.5.2. Apple doc

2.5.3. JavaDocs

2.5.4. Maven Project Docs

2.5.5. GhostDoc

2.5.6. Confluence

2.5.7. Word Templates

2.5.8. Comm 100

2.6. Support/Application Maintainence

2.6.1. Resolve Customer Issues

2.6.2. Participate in QA

2.6.3. Environment Matrix

2.6.4. 2nd Tier Support over GotoMeeting

2.7. Heat Map (Defect Priorization and Triage)

3. Architecture

3.1. MultiTenancy

3.2. SOA

4. Product Management

4.1. Market Research

4.1.1. Competitive Analysis

4.1.2. Minimum Viable Product

4.1.3. Buy/Partner Research

4.1.4. Survey and Polls

4.1.5. Market Segmentation & Sizing

4.2. Requirements Management

4.2.1. New Product Development

4.2.2. Product Roadmap

4.2.3. Product Requirement Document

4.2.4. Biz workflows & Notifications

4.2.5. Compliance

4.3. Product Ownership

4.3.1. Productization Excellence

4.3.2. User Persona

4.3.3. Technical feasibility

4.3.4. Agile/Sprint based Execution

4.3.5. Domain expertise (Mobile, Cross-platform, Productivity) QuickOffice Connect Video Demo

4.4. Go To Market

4.4.1. Business Analytics

4.4.2. Multi-Channel Payment

4.4.3. Upsell/Cross sell strategy

4.4.4. Market Threat Analysis

4.4.5. Social Media Promotion

4.5. Product Support

4.5.1. Technical Product Support

4.5.2. Customer profiling

4.5.3. Events collateral

4.5.4. Product Advisory Council