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Our project by Mind Map: Our project

1. Character types

1.1. 4 teenagers

1.1.1. Geek considred to be the helper The Geek is going to be the authority, although to begin with he's going to tag along rather than being the strength of the group, he eventually takes control of the situation and starts to act as if he has something to prove, this breaks the typical convention that the lower status groups / weaker characters are there to just help.

1.1.2. Macho The macho character is going to be the Dispatcher in this case, this is mainly because stereotypically the macho male is the hero however in this case the macho guy is the person who would use peer pressure into bringing people into tricky situations, in this case taking them into a possibly haunted scenario. considred to be the hero

1.1.3. Strong girl considred to be the femme fatale The strong girl in this case is going to be the Helper, this again breaks the typical convention of the strong girl being the "femme fatale". The femme fatale is a modern film device used to show equality within filmand has become the norm in terms of modern film conventions

1.1.4. Scared girl This character is quite conventional when it comes to horror films, although we are setting out to create a trailer rather than a full film scenes with a stereotypical scared female role will set well with the theme. This character is this case is going to be the "Hero" - Setting this character as the hero breaks the basic convention because usually this role is considered to be a buden on the group. Also the hero is usually considred to be a strong male character. considred to be the Damsel In Distress

1.1.5. Some of the characters we added were to create an emotional bond between the watcher and the film, in this case we're using other charactes faits such as death to further inflict negative emotions onto our Hero character, which in turn brings across more emotions to the viewer.

1.2. All character types will break basic conventions

1.2.1. Although these characters seem to be typical of propp's character types they break conventions by being the opposite of their character. For Example the scared girl becomes the hero, the geek dies first etc....

2. Setting

2.1. Abandoned building

2.1.1. School

2.1.2. Mental hospital

2.1.3. Apartment

2.1.4. Haunted house

2.1.5. (Abandoned buildings can be easily faked, e.g. using non abandoned / safe buildings and creating props and effects to make it seem like it is abandoned, although doing it this way won't have the desired "creepy" factor overall, this may decrease the quality of the trailer. - Using an actual abandoned building is possible if we found one locally but it will be considered unsafe and would have a high risk factor behind it.

2.2. Woods

2.2.1. The woods can easily be considered a creepy / scary setting on it's own, adding a storyline / curse behind it can easily further make a particular woodland area more scarier than it actually is. - This setting can also be easily use because there is plenty of wooded area which is designed for public use / not on private property.

2.3. We can use most settings for the trailer since the trailer is based around a curse which causes events to happen in normal everyday surroundings. - The setting we choose will most likely be based around how accesible the area is and the safety for people filming in the area e.g. old buildings which are considered dangerous.

3. Plot

3.1. Stupid teenagers hear a story about an haunted place and decide to check it out but end up encountering paranormal entitys

3.2. The narrative structure of this would be open. As a trailer a closed narrative would be counter productive as it would reveal the entir

4. Filming style

4.1. Hand held camera

4.1.1. The handheld horror films have become increasingly popular since the late 90's with the blair witch project and even more so with the release of the paranormal activity movies. this style of film gives the audience a personal encounter of what the character is going through making the scenes more realistic and believable.

4.2. Mixture of handheld and fixed point

4.2.1. unlike these films, we are going for a mixture of both handheld and fixed point shots to provide a variety of camera shots and movements creating variety within the film aswell as making it possible to portray more emotions and filming techniques