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1.1. Situation

1.1.1. Company Baby Massage Course LTD

1.1.2. Presenter Instructor of baby massage with Certificated Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI)

1.1.3. Target Audience Parents or Caregivers with 6 newborn babies joined the first class of baby massage

2. Introduction

2.1. History

2.1.1. Over 3000 years India Africa China New Zealand the Caribbean

2.2. Definition

2.2.1. Rubbing an infant's muscles and stroking

2.2.2. Procedures and manners are specifically designed

2.2.3. Fit for Mother, father, grandparent, or guardian

2.2.4. Benefits are applicable and advantageous

2.3. Background in Hong Kong

2.3.1. Private Hospitals Matilda International Hospital Canossa hospital

2.3.2. Other organizations SoulTalk The Boys and Girls Clubs Association of Hong Kong Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children

2.4. Mission/Vision

2.4.1. Raise the awareness of baby massage Organizing more classes Promoting its benefit Directing accurately for its rules and skills

3. Preparation

3.1. Parents/ Caregiver

3.1.1. Hands Warm hands Hand washing Cut your finger nails

3.1.2. Choose a relax time

3.1.3. Concentration on massage

3.1.4. Confortable position

3.1.5. Tidy up long hair

3.1.6. Old clothes

3.1.7. Remove any spiky jeweleries, bracelets and rings

3.2. Baby

3.2.1. Ask for permission to babies Before the massage By stroking his face as he talked

3.2.2. Do not massage your baby when: Before meal Baby in sick state of hunger After a meal So tired and need to go straight to sleep

3.2.3. Bath before massage Enhanced the relaxation

3.3. Environment

3.3.1. Music (PLAYED) Play some gentle instrumental music Parents and infant feel relax also

3.3.2. Room Temperature Warm (room temperature around 23℃) Avoid carry out near the window Lighting Adjust lights in moderate brightness

3.3.3. The bed Soft area Place a soft towel over the surface Protect the surface from any oil that may rub off your baby and your hands.

3.4. Equipment

3.4.1. Baby massage Oil Cold pressed, unscented fruit and vegetable oils Safflower oil Sunflower oil Fractionated coconut oil To prevent friction between providers’ hands and baby's skin Benefits Non-toxic and safe if ingested Contain nutrients Less slippery Odorless

3.4.2. Cream or lotion

3.4.3. Towels Over a flat surface For prevent baby pee on in bed

3.4.4. Baby wipes

3.4.5. Clean diapers

3.4.6. A mat or other cushion

3.4.7. Clothes

4. Demonstration

4.1. Steps to Baby Massage

4.1.1. Face

4.1.2. The Chest and The Trunk

4.1.3. The Arm and The Leg

4.1.4. The Hand and The Foot

4.1.5. The Occipital

4.1.6. Back basics

5. Benefits

5.1. Parents/Caregivers

5.1.1. Treasure and enjoy the massage hours

5.1.2. Feel more confident

5.1.3. Relieve postnatal depression

5.1.4. Makes father easy to adopt the new role

5.1.5. Build up relationship between parents and infant

5.1.6. Help Regular Melatonin

5.1.7. sleeping hormone Naturally hormone release at night Ceased by exposure of light Help sleep regulator

5.2. Babies

5.2.1. Promote comfort Provide “skin to skin” contact Encourage grow and thrive Strengthen her attachment to you Newborn babies bond through touch and smell Stay relaxed and not get upset Cry less ** Sleep better Soothed to sleep and a regular sleeping routine

5.2.2. Sleep organization Adjustment of the rhythm of the excretion of sleep hormone melatonin

5.2.3. Weight Gain Preterm Infants Earlier discharge from hospital Moderate pressure stroking (tactile stimulation) and flexion and extension of arms and legs (kinesthetic stimulation) The main criterion for hospital discharge Full-term infant Not so significant as preterm’

6. Warm Tips

6.1. Successfully carry out massage

6.1.1. Avoid performing massage to the fontanelle

6.1.2. Choose a suitable time

6.1.3. Avoid use mineral oils

6.1.4. Test the allergy of lotions

6.1.5. Avoid massage when infants are ill, bleeding, infections of the skin or skin irritations, after immunization, diarrhea and etc.

6.1.6. Follow baby's signals/mood about when to stop

6.2. Enhanced effectiveness of massage

6.2.1. Ask your baby if they would like a massage

6.2.2. Let them see you preparation

6.2.3. Maintain eyes contact

6.2.4. Sing and talk to the baby