Sleep - The Last Priority In most places around the world, there is cultural pressure at work and...

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Sleep - The Last Priority In most places around the world, there is cultural pressure at work and in society to work so hard that there is no time for sleep. People need programs and support to help them balance the numerous demands of work, life and society and make sleep a priority for personal health and quality of life. by Mind Map: Sleep - The Last Priority In most places around the world, there is cultural pressure at work and in society to work so hard that there is no time for sleep.  People need programs and support to help them balance the numerous demands of work, life and society and make sleep a priority for personal health and quality of life.

1. Our ability to make melatonin declines with age. Melatonin levels begin to drop below optimal levels by about age 35. Without sufficient melatonin, you are more prone to sleep disturbances that can lead to poor quality sleep and ultimately accelerated aging of your organs, including the brain. Helps people sleep longer and enables those who wake too early to fall back asleep, and helps reset the body’s sleep-wake cycle and improves the overall quality of sleep.

2. Collaborate with colleagues to avoid sending email after a certain hour. Save as draft and send next a.m. if you happen to be working late.

3. Keeping journal and compare performance between sleepless and restful periods

4. Sleepiness-level test (just liike alcohol-level test)

5. Illegalize caffeine products

6. Stop wasting time and procastinate

7. Company to start/stop working outside of rush hours so employees can sleep longer

8. Work with your family so work time = family time

9. Ignore the society. Listen to your inner voice.

10. Electronic device fast

11. Bonus based on impacts/hours ratio

12. No-work outside 9-5 policy

13. Move somewhere cheaper and work remotely

14. Outsource trivial works to someone who can do it cheaper

15. Timebox your work hours. Use the Parkinson's law: Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion

16. Use 80/20 rule to eliminate unimportant/low-impact works

17. Work more effectively

18. Reduce your desire -> reduce your earning -> reduce work hours -> can sleep more

19. If we pay attention, dreams are packed with messages and signals, take dream interpratation as a serious matter

20. Poor sleep ugly dolls- snugly sleep companion

21. Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson deaths caused by sleep issues and meds. Scared straight type

21.1. Something to do with vampires or zombies promoting sleep aimed at teens and young adults.

22. Use technology such a Jawbone -Up or Nike Fuel Band to provide feedback data about sleep

22.1. Have insurance companies provide incentives for sleep-like Progressives safe driver data collected from car

22.2. Post sleep data on Facebook

22.3. Include sleep data on weight, health websites like

23. Demonstrate economic impact to companies of staff's lack of sleep (money talks) (CG)

23.1. Provide insurance deductions for sleep wellness.

23.2. Paid nap time for adults

23.3. CEO Sleep club. Recruit leaders willing to test a program themselves.

23.4. Sleep contest with a prize - not necessarily most sleep, but most consistent 8 hours, bedtime, etc.

24. Have celebrities talk about the importance of sleep (CG)

24.1. Celebrity posted sleep times and habits- four square of sleeping. Earn badges for sleeping

24.2. Billboards

24.3. PSAs on TV

24.4. Athletes talking about impact on their performance and how that extends to our own performance for work, family, etc.

25. Campaign like 5 a day for fruits and veg: 7-8 a night makes everything alright. (CG)

25.1. Sleep poster like food pyramid

25.2. Get comics artists to make sleep a theme for a week.

26. Educate on Health benefits of Sleep

27. Dream Journals to Access Unconscious Messages and Intuition

27.1. Good Sleep leads to Good Dreaming/Astral Travel....and more access to Unconscious Mind and Intuition, which has many advantages.

28. Talk about "BeautySleep" and looking Younger when well Rested

28.1. Promoting sleep benefits for weight loss

29. "Sleep Your Way to Smart"-Educate Re: Good Sleep esp Important to Brain, and so = Thinking "Smarter"

29.1. Sleep helps facilitate five essential functions directly related to brain fitness including memory consolidation, organ repair, brain development, muscle growth and repair, and neurogenesis, which is the growth of new brain cells known as neurons. By getting enough quality sleep, your brain is able to perform optimally—increasing concentration, memory, and decision-making.

30. Planning for Comfortable Sleep

30.1. Good Bed

30.2. Beautiful Sheets and Bedding

30.3. Comfortable/Functional Sleepware....esp for Menopause (Night Sweats)

30.4. Ideal Room Temp

30.5. Protection from bright early morning or late night light during summer months....dark drapes....eye masks

30.6. Use noise machine

31. Making Bedroom a Beautiful Place that one looks forward to Sleeping

31.1. Removing all items from Bedroom that do not have to do with TV's, Computers, Cell Phones

31.2. Dim, relaxing lighting, candles

31.3. Good Feng Shui

32. Use Natural Sleep Enhancement.....Melatonin an hour before planned sleeping time to assist falling asleep at an ideal time

33. Only time to have the tooth fairy show is when sleeping deeply...very important!! No deep sleep=no tooth fairy (And rumor has it she reports to Santa!!)

34. "Occupy Shiftwork"

34.1. Don't support businesses at times where there is needless shiftwork....quit shopping late at night

34.2. Create Slow Living moving. Like slow food- local grown with in 50 miles. So quality life is a movement

35. Eating Regularly with Adequate Calories and Nutrition during the day to prevent late night eating

36. Teaching Children Good Sleep Habits Early

36.1. Develop children's books promoting good sleep

37. Teaching Children to Listen to Their Bodies and Rhythms...that they're important

37.1. They will learn to say No...when something doesn't feel right for their bodies.

37.2. Build into health education in schools

38. SET PERSONAL PRIORITIES ----Startups and self employment need flexibility (work when inspired or resources are available, yet balance (time with family, vacation) JS

38.1. creativity doesn't come on demand between 9-5, but it doesn't have to be 24/7 either

38.2. there will always be an emergency or immediate business opportunity when you have a break scheduled - Go Anyway!

38.3. Family or loved one pledge of priorities as are minder to put health first whenever possible

39. BUDGET TIME FOR BALANCE LIFESTYLE- for work, play, family & friends, a sleep deprived mind is no good to anyone. JS

40. Change Careers.....Self Employment/Working From Home/Create the Life You Desire

40.1. Teaching all options for "Work" besides the "go to University...get a job".....Teaching Entrepreneur Skills, and Creativity at a young age.

40.1.1. Integrating sleep counselling with career counselling

41. Develop good sleeping habits: always in bed at the same time and a small ritual before going to bed so every time you do it your body knows it's time to sleep (EZ)

41.1. A lot of things we do everyday like having breakfast and brushing our teeth are the result of developed habits. That means you start doing something "forcing" yourself and you end up doing it without thinking

41.1.1. 21-30 day programs to establish the habits (that's supposed to be how long it takes)

42. Astral travel agency: sleeping is a way of astral traveling (EZ)

43. Bedtime is often associated with punishment for kids (EZ)

43.1. When a kid is misbehaving, we send him to bed. When he's having lots of fun at night, we send him to bed. Going to bed has a negative conotation.

43.2. When we grow up we long for more time in bed... maybe make kids feel that way not forcing them to go to bed when they don't want to (?)

44. Marketing campaigns (EZ)

44.1. Sleeping is AWESOME!

44.2. Good sleep is not a luxury

45. Bring back "sleeping manners" (EZ)

45.1. Not making phone calls after a certain time (9 pm)

45.2. Be quiet when someone is trying to sleep (turning down tv or music volume, walking smoothly)

45.3. Don't make fun of a person's sleeping habits (some people call "grandpa" someone who sleeps early)

46. Accomplish something while you sleep. In our society, we must be busy every minute of every day; wasting time is a shame for us. Sleeping is often seen as a waste of time, but sleeping time can be used productively. (EZ)

46.1. solving difficult problems while you sleep (works great with math and other logical problems)

46.2. Dieting with sleeping audio programs (they work, I've done it)

47. Use an app to track your sleep (EZ)

47.1. Like, it tracks your movement and keeps note of your best/worst nights, that helps finding times and conditions that give best / worst sleeping patterns

48. Sleeping as a diet tip (EZ)

48.1. Fact: sleeping plays an important role on weight losing process.

49. Nowadays people love apps, developing an app to track your sleep and earning badges (like foursquare) for sleeping achievments, compiting with friends, publish it on FB and Twitter, maybe using Path... (EZ)

50. Take a sleeping test periodically ( you may think you have good sleeping habits when you don't. (EZ)

51. Educate the meaning and value of true sleep via Public Service announcements (JS)

52. Using technology to help prioritize sleep (HS)

52.1. An app on TV that marquees a warning alert across the screen if the TV is on beyond a particular time at night (say 10 pm or 11 pm)

52.2. A wearable device (like a watch) that generates a unique kind of vibration that puts you to sleep.

52.3. A wearable device that can detect how well you slept the previous night and tells you the exact gain or loss for you. For example: "You slept really good all of last month. You have increased your lifespan by 15 minutes because of this."

52.4. Smell emitter tat puts out relaxing smells -cinnamon?

53. Incorporate more relaxation Into the at end of day relaxed...not stressed...Yoga, Guided, Hypnotic Meditation, Journaling

53.1. Have workplace rewards for doing such activities

53.2. Incorporate Yoga and Meditation programs into the Workplace

53.3. Make Yoga, Meditation and other relaxing activities Family activities

54. Have a "Light's Out" Policy in Your computers, TV's bright lights, etc after a certain time each day

54.1. Have more mood lighting in the home

54.2. Dine by candlelight for dinner each evening

54.3. Have more candles in bathroom and bedroom



57. HYPNOTIZING TV SHOWS - for those who like to watch tv before sleep

58. RESET CIRCADIAN CLOCK - that our current lifestyle has destroyed

59. NAP CENTERS WITH SLEEP PODS - like a coffee house, stop in for a quick visit or hang out a while

60. COCOON SLEEP ENCLOSURE - with heat, sleep tunes that adjusts to each person

61. PILLOWS with sound(heartbeat) scent, temp control


63. GET OFF THE GRID- live more naturally

64. Sleep Parties ( like Avon or Tupperware)


66. Sleep App - reads levels of sleep, displays on phone,tv, computer ... the ultimate baby monitor