CARGEL and Lifestyle Groupings

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CARGEL and Lifestyle Groupings by Mind Map: CARGEL and Lifestyle Groupings

1. Class

1.1. Strengths

1.1.1. They're loads of people who categorise themselves in different classes and watch certain programmes that entertain them and their views.

1.2. Weaknesses

1.2.1. The programme will probably only appeal to this class therefore excluding the rest as it wont be something they will be interested in.

1.3. Example:

1.3.1. A show like Downton Abbey is targeted at the higher class people of the world as its about the higher class. This interests them however a teenager will not be interested as they would view this as boring.

1.4. People are placed into these categories: A, B, C1, C2, D1, D2, E. A: Judges, surgeons, large scale company directors, B: professionals, teachers, lawyers, doctors. C1: office managers, skilled workers. C2: admin staff, some skilled trades. D1: skilled trades, plumbers, electricians. D2: unskilled trades, labourers, drivers. E: unemployed, students, pensioners.

2. Age

2.1. Strengths

2.1.1. If a programme is targeted at a certain age they normally consist of things they will enjoy and relate to hitting the criteria for the audience meaning they will tell others about it and more viewings the programme will get.

2.2. Weaknesses

2.2.1. By having a programme targeted at a certain age its segregating all the others from watching it and may loose viewings as the other age groups might not understand the type of humor being used.

2.3. Example:

2.3.1. If a programme is created for toddlers it will consist of learning activities such as: counting to ten, learning new words. This is great for toddlers to learn and get creative however this will not appeal to their parents as they know all of the stuff already but they're the secondary audience as they have to look after their child so the programme is playing in the background.

3. Religion

3.1. Strengths

3.1.1. Programmes that are targeted at a certain religion help the viewings go up as people who believe in that religion will want to watch programmes about their culture etc...

3.2. Weaknesses

3.2.1. By having the programmes targeted at a certain religion excludes others from watching it, decreasing the amount of viewings they get.

3.3. Example:

3.3.1. Songs Of Praise on BBC1 target their programme at Christians as the programme is about singing Christian hymns.

4. Gender

4.1. Strengths

4.1.1. The certain gender may be able to understand the type of humor better than the other so having it targeted at a female or male can cater to their certains needs of entertainment. Additionally, you will get movies such as chick flicks which girls will watch with their boyfriends therefore getting more viewings. By targeting a certain gender they can relate to the storyline and the characters.

4.2. Weaknesses

4.2.1. As its only targeted at a certain gender it may loose viewings as its very one sided. Additionally, a certain gender may even like the same sort of entertainment however feel a bit left out as its not really targeted at them and may consist of jokes about a certain gender that may offend them if watching it.

4.3. Example:

4.3.1. If you're watching boxing most of the adverts that are shown are to do with beer or cars however from a personal view, I like to watch boxing but hate these adverts so in this instance it doesnt really work

5. Ethnicity

5.1. Strengths

5.1.1. People of a certain Ethnicity will be interested in their history and their culture therefore will watch programmes to do with their ethnicity.

5.2. Weaknesses

5.2.1. By showing certain programmes to target different ethnicities excludes others meaning decreasing the viewers.

5.3. Example:

5.3.1. Programmes such as Top Boy are targeted at black people, this is so entertain this ethnicity with stuff they like however this excludes for example asians as it wont be of their particular interest.

6. Loaction

6.1. Strengths

6.1.1. People who live in a certain area get the local news, so it appeals to a concentrated audience rather than national news that doesnt really apply to them.

6.2. Weaknesses

6.2.1. People who travel to the region may not want to know whats going on locally but in fact want to know what is happening in their home town so therefore they dont get to know what is happening.

6.3. Example:

6.3.1. If you are watching London Tonight you will find out information about what is happening in London on that day however BBC Look North and Calendar (ITV) covers Yorkshire and Lincolnshire news updates so people in London will not be able to know whats happening in that part of England.


7.1. Mainstreamers

7.1.1. Mainstreamers are people who watch popular tv, Such programmes like X Factor and Britain's Got Talent. These programmes are in prime time, meaning it is normally on around 7/8pm when everyone would be in and relaxing watching the TV. The strengths of being a mainstreamer is that there is a lot of people like you. This means you will be able to communicate similar interests to other people bringing people closer together, for the TV programmes it produces a huge audience and gets them more income. A weakness is that if it doesn't meet the expectations of the mainstreamers they may loose viewers from it. I used to watch Glee as it was very entertaining but now it hasnt met my expectations so I have now stopped watching it. This means that the people will loose income and the interest of the audience.

7.2. Reformers

7.2.1. Reformers are people who want to do good for the environment. They want to improve and enhance their surroundings in a positive way and care and nurture it. Honda cars are an example as they build cars to use less CO2 and protect the environment from global warming. A strength is that it helps not only the environment but also the world as a whole as less CO2 is being emitted and the environment is safer. A weakness is that these Honda cars for example are very expensive due to this new technology therefore people will struggle to buy it leaving environment to still be harmed.

7.3. Aspirers

7.3.1. Aspirers are exactly what the word means. These people aspire to be like someone or aspire a certain future for themselves. They have a certain ambition and they wish to achieve it. A weakness of a aspire is that they have a target to reach and they will try their best to achieve their goals.

7.4. Succeeders

7.4.1. Succeeders are people who have achieved what they wanted in life. Their ambition is complete and are able to live the lifestyle they have chose with ease. A strength of being a succeeder is that you have achieved your goal, if you had a dream to buy a GUCCI bag and then bought it GUCCI would feel the benefits of your buy and get more income. You will more likely buy from them again as you are a loyal costumer. A weakness is that if you want expensive things then you have to work hard to get it.