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Jon's Site by Mind Map: Jon's Site

1. Website goals

2. Tab 1/ Page 1: Informing

2.1. A "COVER PAGE" detailing the true hardships of our community's people, where we stand as far as our adolescence in charity within the community, what our goal is, a "how we can help you" (for people in need) section, a "how you can help" section,

2.1.1. Detailing the true hardships of our community's people

2.1.2. We are a young company ; starting up

2.1.3. Our goals

2.1.4. How we can help you (for people in need)

2.1.5. How you can help them

2.2. Page 1 cont.: Current Events ( will be above the "informing"section)/ first thing the visitor sees

2.2.1. A MAIN current event title(recent;I.e. thanksgiving, Christmas, new years ect. And video of the organization at work. "INFORMING SECTION" is Followed by a series of recently passed and upcoming events (dated).

3. Page 2: What we can do to help you, if you're in need

3.1. This page will consist of a "contact us" style setting, where the user will enter their name, phone number, email address and a description of how we can help , followed by the following standard services we offer:

3.1.1. Once to twice monthly can food drive ; dated

3.1.2. Once to twice monthly toy drive ; dated

3.1.3. Once to twice monthly clothing and bedding drive, includes furniture and misc. items ; dated

4. Page 3: What you can do to help the homeless and unemployed Las Vegans in need

4.1. This page will contain upcoming drives, held by us and other local helping organizations, and contact information for inquiries about volunteering. An address to drop off any donated items, along with a list of what we accept as donation. A PayPal option for donating money. All of our contact info.

5. Page 2: how