OpenERP / Odoo Toolbox

This is a reference for OpenERP functional training and OpenERP Technical Training conducted by Seyed Mohammad Motahar as CTP partner of openERP. It includes Sale Module, Purchase Module, Warehouse and inventory as well as Manufacturing Module. It also includes Accounting and analytic accounting and can be a good reference for openERP exam and certifications.

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OpenERP / Odoo Toolbox by Mind Map: OpenERP / Odoo Toolbox

1. OpenERP Installation

1.1. FirstClass Installation guide

1.2. OpenERP Official

1.2.1. on windows

1.2.2. on Linux

1.3. OpenSourcer Guide

2. OpenERP Functional Training

2.1. Day Plans

2.1.1. Day2(Sale Management, Purchase Management)

2.1.2. Day1 (CRM) Morning DB and Web Client User Preference Afternoon CRM Leads Opportunities

2.2. Module1# Introduction

2.3. OpenERP Functional Book

3. OpenERP Vertical Market

3.1. OpenERP in Health

3.2. OpenERP in Education

4. OpenERP News

4.1. Official

4.1.1. OpenERP Blog

4.1.2. Planet

4.1.3. OpenERP News

4.1.4. Fabien Personal Blog (Not updating anymore)

4.2. Blogs

4.2.1. BistaSolutions

4.2.2. Pragmatic

4.2.3. OpenERP Management System

4.2.4. Serpentcs

4.2.5. Selvam4u

4.2.6. None English Blogs Openerpspain (Spanish) OpenERPsite (Spanish) Aulaerp (Spanish) Pexego (Spanish) OpenERP Web (Spanish) OpenERP-Blog.DE (German)

4.2.7. ERPMoldeo

4.2.8. Camp2Camp

4.2.9. zikzakmedia

4.2.10. URSA

4.2.11. acespritechblog Website

4.2.12. OpenERP Management System

4.3. Mindmaps

4.3.1. Tema Mindmap

5. OpenERP Pre-Sale

5.1. Cost Estimation

5.1.1. Forum Posts How to estimate OpenERP implementation Cost and Time?

5.1.2. Gap Analysis What is GAP Analysis ? MindTools GAP Analysis In OpenERP Why you should have pre-ERP Gap Analysis OpenERP Gap Analysis Modules Covetel Gap Analysis Gap Analysis Module

5.2. OpenERP Initial Questionnaire

5.2.1. Mindmap

5.3. Odoo VS SAP

6. OpenERP Technical Training

6.1. Technical Training Videos

6.1.1. Writing OpenERP modules in Python

6.2. Python Programming

6.2.1. Fast Learning Installing Python Internal DataType String Concate

6.2.2. Python in Science Python in Bioinformatics Bioinformatics Programming Using Python Introduction to Python for bioinformatics BioPython Python Library for BioInformatics Python in GIS

6.2.3. Python Code Style in openERP

6.2.4. Articles Why Python and OpenERP?

6.2.5. Python Free Books A Byte of Python Learn Python the hard way Dive Into Python 3

6.2.6. Organizations Using Python Nasa Adopted book of "A byte of Python" Google

6.2.7. Python Free Learning IronPython Interactive Tools

6.3. GitHib

6.3.1. How to apply a patch

7. OpenERP Marketing

8. OpenERP Implementation

8.1. OpenERP Implementation Methodology

8.1.1. OpenERP Official Implementation Memento Samuel Martins Implementation Official Documents

8.1.2. Starting on the right foot

8.1.3. OpenERP Implementation Assistant

8.2. Additional Open Source Projects

8.3. Company Description to be filled in Interview

8.4. OpenERP Asia Implementation Methodology

8.5. Ope

8.6. ERP Failure Case

8.6.1. Biggest ERP Failures of 2010

8.6.2. When Bad Things Happen to Good Projects

8.6.3. Oracle Sued by University for Alleged ERP Failure

8.6.4. Hershey's Enterprise System Creates Halloween Treats

8.6.5. The FoxMeyer Drug Bankruptcy: Was it a Failure of ERP?

8.6.6. Promises, Promises: A Look at Waste Management's Case Against SAP

8.7. OpenERP performance benchmark

9. Odoo Modules

9.1. Multi company

9.1.1. When should we use multi company

9.1.2. Intercompany process Module by Elico

9.1.3. Multi company configuration in version 7

9.1.4. Multi company top Q/A

10. Useful Toos for Consultants

10.1. Customer Feedback

10.1.1. - Visual Feedback & Bug Reporting Tools for Web Professionals Simple screen capture tool for web professionals