Sleeping problem: average student - the night before the exam

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Sleeping problem: average student - the night before the exam by Mind Map: Sleeping problem: average student - the night before the exam

1. Nutrition

1.1. Pills

1.1.1. Relaxing Pills

1.1.2. Sleeping Pills

1.2. Liquids

1.2.1. Green Tea

1.2.2. Hot Milk

1.2.3. Hot Chocolate

1.2.4. Sleeping tea

1.2.5. Don't drink much before you go to sleep

1.2.6. Don't drink any energy, empowering coffeine drinks

1.3. Food

1.3.1. Be sure you are not hungry but not completely stuffed before going to bed

1.3.2. Do not eat heavy stuff during your study

1.3.3. Avoid spicy, or sugary foods 4-6 hours before bedtime

1.3.4. Try a light snack before bed. Warm milk and foods high in the amino acid tryptophan, such as bananas, may help to sleep.

2. Exhausting acitivities

2.1. Training

2.1.1. Yoga

2.1.2. Pilates

2.1.3. Lift weights

2.1.4. Try P90x

2.1.5. Go Jogging

2.1.6. Try fighting

2.2. Party

2.2.1. Party the whole night before the last day

2.2.2. Get drunk in the afternoon

2.3. Dancing

2.3.1. Zumba

2.3.2. Salsa

2.3.3. Samba

2.3.4. Hip Hop

2.4. Reading

2.4.1. magazines

2.4.2. Boring books Read the bible Read a fairytale Ecyclopedia Dictionary

2.4.3. Sophisticated books Scientific Law books

3. Preventions for a good sleep

3.1. Throw all RedBulls away

3.2. Use eye masks and earplugs

3.3. Turn off all electronic devices

3.4. Be sure you have clean bed clothing

3.5. Cool your pillow

3.6. Take deep breaths

3.7. Wear your favorite and comfortable pajamas

3.8. Turn off your handy or electronic devices you constantly use 1 hour before so your brain is not so alert.

3.9. Anti Stress

3.9.1. Scream your lungs out to let go all the stress

3.9.2. If you are too stressed break some glass bottles by throwing them on its containers

3.9.3. Remember that it will be all over soon

3.9.4. Remember yourself of another stressful situation when things went all well in the end

3.9.5. Cry a little if you need to

3.9.6. Get one of those anti-stress balls

3.9.7. Make a few jumps on your bed to relieve the stress like you were a Kind again

3.9.8. Hakuna Matata

3.9.9. Think of beautiful moments in your life

3.9.10. Watch some funny movies The life of Brian Role Models Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey and Co.

3.9.11. Visualize your muscles relaxing one at a time. Start at your toes and work your way up to the top of your head.

3.10. Wear warm socks to bed

3.11. Room environment

3.11.1. Clean everything away from your bed, try to keep the space as simple as possible in white and blue colors

3.11.2. Make sure you have the right room temperature

3.11.3. Look that you have the right air in the room (not dusty etc.)

3.11.4. Eliminate any sounds which are disturbing you

3.12. Do not do homework or any other work on your bed, reserve this space just for sleeping

3.13. Avoid napping during the day

3.14. Establish a pre-sleep ritual. Pre-sleep rituals, such as a warm bath or a few minutes of reading, can help you sleep.

4. Get dirty

4.1. Cheat with notes in the exam

4.2. Hook up with an anesthesiologist

4.3. Tattoo the answers in your forearm

4.4. Tell a friend to study for you

4.5. Pay someone to take the exam for you

4.6. Try paying off the teacher

5. Crazy ideas

5.1. Smoke good weed

5.2. Record a song with answers to possible questions and play while you try to sleep

5.3. Get in a tub full of ice (it will cool you down)

5.4. Get Laid

5.5. Ask a friend to punch you and get you unconscious

5.6. Get some morphine in your system

5.7. Get a massage

5.7.1. Relaxing Massage

5.7.2. Face Massage

5.7.3. Foot massage

5.8. Don’t sleep the night before the night before the exam

5.9. Use some fragrances like aromatherapy

5.10. Try to think of a white board and eliminate the stressful thoughts

5.11. Ask for someone to wake you up so that u don’t have to listen to a noisy wacker

5.12. If it’s raining outside, go for a quick shower to free your mind and become a kid again

5.13. Try sleeping on a hammock

6. Better preparation

6.1. Find notes of other students

6.2. Ask for exams of previous semesters

6.3. Study a week in advance

6.4. Structure a studying program with a friend

6.5. Write on a white board the important points that u missed to complete to focus on them

6.6. Think of the things that you could have done better since the last time you were in a similar situation and act upon them

6.7. Try some memorizing technics

6.8. Work out a time management plan

6.9. Try to cooperate with the profesor

7. Good feelings / Emotions

7.1. Listen to one of your favorite songs

7.2. Love

7.2.1. Get some love (hug kiss from your lover)

7.2.2. Sleep with the pajamas of someone you love

7.2.3. Sleep with something of a person you love, focus on the persons scent and try to relax

7.3. Grant yourself a present for after the exam/ completion of work

7.4. Make a list. Before you go to bed, make a list of things that are on your mind. With this written down, you won't have to worry that you'll forget something

7.5. Don't go to bed mad. Being angry will raise your blood pressure and make it tough to get to sleep.

7.6. Depression can actually make it tougher to sleep when all you want to do is sleep. Talk with someone about your problems

7.7. Try deep breathing exercises. Focus just on your breathing and block out everything else

7.8. Meditation. This can be something that people scoff at. This doesn't have to be some transcendental out-of-body experience. This is a proven method of finding calm in your life.