Problem statement - SLEEP DEPRIVATION

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Problem statement - SLEEP DEPRIVATION by Mind Map: Problem statement - SLEEP DEPRIVATION

1. 79. Repeat after me: "I am NOT sleepy"/I am sleepy: depending in your situation. NLP (Neurlinguistic programming) states that saying a phrase for >=21 times helps it go into the subconscious if you believe it it.

2. Effects of Sleep deprivation

2.1. Slow healing process

2.2. Inattentiveness

2.3. Rise in BP

2.4. Obesity

2.5. Irritation

2.6. Diabetes

2.7. Hormones growth effected

2.8. Fatigue

2.9. Decreased cognitive ability

2.10. Weight gain / loss

2.11. Shorter Life

2.12. Terrible skin condition

2.13. Getting more dumber

2.14. Brain damage

2.15. Mental Illness

2.16. Decrease in apetite

2.17. black circles around eyes

2.18. inappropriate thinking

2.19. funny thinking

2.20. lack of concentraion

2.21. Depression

2.22. Less Creative

3. Sleep deprivation context

3.1. Driving

3.2. Rush of projects

3.3. Too much calculations before going to sleep

3.4. Others cuddling too much

3.5. Resulted due to depression

3.6. Traveling

3.7. Being with loved ones/friends

3.8. watching a thrilling movie

3.9. hunger

3.10. pain

3.11. war

3.12. feeling insecure

3.13. feeling cold

3.14. stress

3.15. tedious experiments

3.16. Insecurities in Life


4.1. 1. Earplugs

4.2. 2. Tight close rooms/cars ( avoid traffic sounds )

4.3. 3. Snoring - Creating Vaccuum space ? ( Sound doesnot travel in vaccuum)

4.4. 4.Room Lighting

4.5. 5. Room Wall Colors

4.5.1. Should be light , mild & soothing

4.6. 6. sleep alone

4.7. 7. close the computer

4.8. 9. meditation

4.9. 8. dark curtains

4.9.1. To avoid bright light

4.10. 10. music therapy

4.10.1. Pleasant music is a wonderful thing

4.11. 11. Happy Pill

4.12. 12. sleeping pill

4.13. 13. sound of nature

4.14. 14. one drink before bed

4.15. 15. close window

4.16. 16. Watch Stars

4.17. 17. Had a great orgasm

4.18. 18. Cleaner Air

4.19. 19. Nice hot bath

4.20. 20. Practice Yoga

4.21. 21. Comfy bed

4.22. 22. Right room temperature

4.23. 23. Avoid stress

4.24. 24. Count Sheep

4.25. 25. A cup of hot milk before sleep

4.26. 26. Comfortable Cuddle with loved ones

4.26.1. Can use some sort of clamp which doesnot allow the loved ones to move abruptly & freely

4.27. 27. Hypnosis

4.28. 28. Bed time reading

4.29. 29. Skip the caffeine before sleep

4.29.1. Can avoid alcohole , nicotine before going to bed

4.30. 30. Use eyepads for darkness

4.31. 31. Hit the SLEEP button and set timer to be awake again

4.32. 32. THERE IS NO SLEEP. Just Rest Your Brain.

4.33. 33. Seperating brain to work when sleep.

4.34. 34. Train the brain to sleep less and achieve more without any ill effects ?

4.35. 35. Avoid electronics before going to bed . Set alarms / triggers which make electronics are not accessible during sleep hours

4.36. 36. Light snack before going to bed helps sleep

4.37. 37. No eating on bed

4.38. 38. No discussion of emotional issues

4.39. 39. Establish a routine

4.40. 40. Capture subconscious to avoid fast thinking etc before going to bed

4.41. 41. Live in the Matrix world

4.42. 42. Stop worrying

4.43. 43. Creative thinking stops when the head touches the pillow!

4.44. 44. Managing sleep times (sleeping from 10pm-12am (2 hrs) equivalent to 6 hours of deep sleep

4.45. 45. Find ways to dream more ( pleasant dreams ) so that no one is deprived of sleep

4.46. 46. Be happy

4.47. 47. Win the lottery

4.47.1. No financial worries

4.48. 48. You are what you eat, so eat healthy

4.49. 49. Work out

4.50. 50. Have a massage

4.51. 51. Sleep outside in nature

4.52. 52. Take off any jewelry

4.53. 53. Live your life to the fullest

4.54. 54. Have rain outside the window

4.55. 55. The room temperature matters

4.56. 56. Sleep in pyjamas

4.57. 57. Sleep naked

4.58. 58. Do sports till being tired out

4.59. 59. Listening the sound simulating what baby hears in mother's womb

4.60. 60. Stop worrying and live happily. (State of mind)

4.61. 61. Hire someone to sleep for you.

4.62. 62. Hire someone to sleep with you.

4.62.1. Feeling more secure

4.62.2. Thanks for reminding me this. Yes, there's such thing.

4.63. 63. Eat kiwi

4.64. 64. Look at a picture that makes you fall asleep. Vision tiggers brain. Something works like optical illusion and the spiral confusion pattern.

4.65. 65. Paint the wall of bedroom into blue color.

4.65.1. Cold color can calm you down before sleep.

4.66. 66. Portable inflatable bed/couch to take occasion rest to lessen sleeping hours.

4.67. 67. glaze into candle light

4.68. 68. Watch a boring movie

4.69. 69. Listen to a boring conversation

4.70. 71. Drink alcohol

4.71. 72. always be ahead of time

4.72. 73. Skip the night with timetravel

4.73. 74. Buy more time

4.74. 75. Be a magician and magic your way into sleeping

4.75. 76. Pause time, take a 1 hour sleep, wake up, then continue what you were doing

4.76. 77. Program your subconscious to be in a deep sleep while your brain is active

4.77. 78. Count the blessings and praise God; you'll fall asleep in no time.

4.78. 80. Take a cold/hot shower to stay awake/sleep: usually, creative ideas arise in the shower and you can be as twice as productive: you might solve the entire mathematics problem while there-you can take a recorder

4.79. 81. Close your eyes and lie on a comfortable floor/bed: your mind will wander with the problem: keep a recorder or small notebook beside your head and scribble whatever comes into your mind; you can invent a camera that can capture what you're thinking of translating brain waves/signals into images that might actually be the solution to the problems you were trying so hard to solve! :)

4.80. 82. Work at the Library: total silence can help you sleep-wear sth comfortable such as pyjamas

4.81. 83. envision yourself living in your own world: send off distractions-mind power rules: go into your bubble

4.82. 84. your mind will work like a bluetooth; it will communicate with your computer where the required data and problems to be solved are: keep your mind on, go to sleep, and let it do the rest

4.83. 85. Record any lectures you need to memorize and put them on repeated play over the night-you will wake up in the morning with all the needed data in your brain

4.84. 86. Listen to a boring movie with your eyes closed if you want to sleep and have nothing due to do

4.85. 87. Drink a hot drink/beverage right before going to sleep; nerves will relax and you'll feel sleepy by no time...

4.86. 88. Jakuze (water massage in a hot bathtub)

4.87. 89. Don't drive alone; shift places with someone else who has a dirving lisence, or put the car on autodirve

4.88. 90. Lay down besides someone you love/who eans to you/you feel comfortabel or safe with

4.89. 91. Try to create your own dream within a dream within a dream (inception)

4.90. 92. Arrange what you need to do according to prriority: most important and most urgent to least important and least urgent, and work accordingly: i.e. time management

4.91. 93. Put a large charlender with all due dates in fron to fyou and manage accordingly; cross out all do's and put emotions, smiley faces, reward brreask, vacations, extra hours of sleep whenver you get a good deal done

4.92. 94. If you're tired, forget about everything and sleep...wake up real early in the morning and it will be a fresh start:and fresh energy, you'll have double if not more of the work done.

4.93. 95. Travel around the world in such a way you gain days and do the work you need to get done! :-)

4.93.1. Time travel to gain sleep time

4.94. 96. Turn off all sources of distraction: laptop, phones, TV, internet, etc...

4.95. 97. Lie on your back and look up at the bright night sky..try to count the stars, and draw shapes, etc...

4.96. 98. Sleep with your eyes open; using telepathy, your brain waves will be translated into text similar to the voice decoding programs

4.97. 99. Lay down on a rocking chair or a swing...move back and forth slowly....leave your senses to wander with the breeze

4.98. 100. Achieve a small goal you set yourself every day; satisfaction brings inner peace, you can sleep with a vision that you will achieve even more next day; never let down; always believe you can do it; self motivation is key :) create a motivational song for your self and sing along whenever you feel your tired or cant do it.

4.99. 101. Short & power naps are rejuvenating .

4.100. 102. Deepthinking about why one thinks deeply makes one lose sleep before going to bed . So stop all 'thinking' before going to bed

4.101. 103. Watch boring / uninteresting stuff before going to bed to fall asleep

4.102. 104. Listen / talk to any person on any uninteresting topic and fall asleep

4.103. 105. Anxious people can plan for next day before going to bed and can sleep peacefully

4.104. 106. Consume enormous rice or consume milk which can put someone to sleep. ( Rich in tryptophan )


4.105. 107. Consume sugar before going to bed and fall asleep

4.106. 108. Watch sky or count stars ( serene ) and can fall asleep

4.107. 109. Closed box with proper ventilation ( not a coffin though ) - may help one not to be distracted much and help to go to sleep

4.108. 110. Lullaby songs & stories may put one to sleep

4.109. 111. Watching tick-tock of clock can put one to sleep

4.110. 112. Perfumes and room fresheners with good aroma can help one fall asleep ( good ambience )

4.110.1. May be roses on bed ?

4.111. 113. Have a projector tied to head with a band. It should project videos on wall . Fall asleep while going to bed watching the video ..

4.111.1. You dont move head to avoid distractions ( helps to fall asleep ) and also play a boring video or something calm and serene and go to sleep

4.112. 114. Watching videos on LCD TV on ceiling may help one to fall asleep

5. HELP - Add different dimensions which help us to generate 100 solutions ! Eg - Knowing effects , context may help us generating some solutions to address sleep deprivation

6. Sounds

6.1. snoring

6.2. traffic sounds

6.3. bug sounds

6.4. AC

6.5. party noise

6.6. white noise

6.7. high frequency noise

6.8. noisy neighbour

6.9. pets' voice

6.10. Clock walking

6.11. water dripping

6.12. tapping or clicking

6.13. typing on the keyboard

7. Images we could use, link



8. sleep deprivation due to deadline projects (SOLUTIONS): 1. start work systematically 2. finish all work before 9pm 3. hire someone who can do the project instead of you 4. Find ready project in the internet 5. Call your boss/teacher and postopne the project 6. drink guarana tea to think faster and finish sooner 7. Call your friends to help you with the project 8. do some part of the project in the evening and rest in the morning 9. do all project in early morning insted of doing it in the evening 10. ask your classmate if he/she has already done so you can copy it with a little bit of change 11. try to convince all your classmate that it is not the deadline and they have still a few days to finish project so maybe next day none will have the project and the teacher will set a new deadline 12. take the project from a person who is in older year and he/she had the same project a year before so you can take it 13. find out how to explain your boss that you have totally different approach to this project and you think that it is a waste of time to do that know - work on a few excuse is better and faster than work on the whole project 14. change your biological clock for a one night and change a nihgt into a day (switch on all lights, turn on tv, make some good food, drink coffee and imagin that it a beautifull day and youe can still have a few hrs before you go to bed 15. on the deadline day take a sick leave to have all day to prepare the project not just a night 16. imagine some hit story you can be part on and let it be your excuse why you could not finish your deadline project 17. take a sleepless pill 18. think abuot project upsidedown, you can finish soonner because you blood will float faster 19. leave the project and go to sleep 20. write just the pages will great results and try to convince everyone that the rest disapper in some magical way.