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Monsters by Mind Map: Monsters

1. Math: "Monsters Squeeze" (Every Day math 3.6) Guessing a number between 0 and 20.

1.1. In "Adjective Monsters", name several 2 dimensional shapes and use them to make monsters.

2. Music/Drama: "10 little monsters", "10 little monsters jumping on the bed"

2.1. "10 little monsters: act out/chant the poem.

2.2. Transitions: move like monsters.

2.3. "10 little monsters jumping on the bed": act out the story.

3. Social studies/science: being afraid.

4. Language/literary arts: speaking about monsters.

4.1. Vocabulary about monsters

4.2. Original art lesson: create your own monster using your imagination and creativity- New art integration idea and lesson- "Go away Big Green Monster!"- Lesson name: Adjective monster- Use adjectives to describe a monster and then make your own monster.

4.3. Lesson name: "My monster": fill-in-the blanks book about monsters- Use sound spelling and known words to describe monsters.

4.4. Lesson name: response to the book "Where the Wild Things Are"- tell and write your favorite part of the story.

4.4.1. New (in relation to the new art integration idea): increase the students vocabulary about monsters by talking about how a "wild thing" could look like- Include words such as claws, feathers, scales, horns, etc. (different body parts and features).

4.5. Listening center: learn how to draw monsters by listening to a set of directions.

5. Visual Arts: how monsters look like- physical representations of monsters.

5.1. New art integration lesson- create wild things/monsters using the book "Where the Wild Things Are" as a reference.

5.1.1. Visual arts: look at the illustrations in the book and brainstorm what kinds of materials/textures the "wild things" could be made of.

5.1.2. Visual arts: Look at the illustrations and brainstorm how the creatures in the book are made to look "wild".

5.1.3. Visual arts: Draw, then paint your "wild thing".

5.2. Lesson name: Drawing monsters- use books to learn how to draw monsters.