Brainstorming (Solving sleep problems due to long working hours)

Sekar R

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Brainstorming (Solving sleep problems due to long working hours) by Mind Map: Brainstorming (Solving sleep problems due to long working hours)

1. Personal Discipline

1.1. Daily Routine

1.1.1. Sleep routine

1.1.2. Maintain a sleep journal

1.1.3. Avoid watching television 2 hours before sleep

1.1.4. Avoid reading books or watching TV while in bed

1.1.5. Avoid watching horror movies at night

1.1.6. think about all the good things you did everyday

1.1.7. Quit smoking

1.1.8. Meditate for few minutes before sleep

1.1.9. Know your sleep postures

1.1.10. Free your mind

1.1.11. Stop thinking about work before you sleep

1.1.12. Track your sleep patterns

1.2. Time management

1.2.1. plan your work for the next day before you sleep

1.2.2. avoid taking phone calls

1.2.3. avoid messaging & emails

1.2.4. Minimum Sleep hours

1.2.5. 7 - 8 hours of sleep

1.2.6. Avoid long hours of work

1.2.7. Set the sleep rhythm - consistent sleep schedule

1.3. Energy mangament

1.3.1. Controlling emotions

1.3.2. Try reading books (inspirational)

1.3.3. Engage in kids activities

1.3.4. Love what you do

1.3.5. Be positive

1.3.6. Be motivated & inspired

1.4. Mind Management

1.4.1. Practice stress relieving techniques

1.4.2. Avoid engaging in mental tasks

1.4.3. Stop worrying on

1.4.4. Relaxing Mind Techniques

2. Work Life Balance

2.1. Avoid working night shifts

2.2. Minimize the frequency of shift changes

2.3. Avoid frequent travels - bio clock doesn't get affected

2.4. Sync biological clock

2.5. Avoid working over the weekends

2.6. Work Environment

2.6.1. Regular breaks at workplace

2.7. Avoid thinking about work at home

2.8. Stay on schedule

2.9. Spend quality time with family

2.10. Adopt smart way of working

3. Sleep Environment

3.1. Avoid bright lights in the bed room

3.2. Bedroom temperature should be cool

3.3. Mood changers to make you sleep peacefully

3.3.1. Listen to soft music just before you sleep

3.4. Clean bedroom

3.5. Remove the clutter in bedroom

3.6. Allow fresh air into the bedroom before an hour of sleep

3.7. Make sure the bed is clean and comfortable

3.8. Comfortable bedding & environment

3.9. The bedroom should be dark , noise free, electronics free, wifi free

3.10. Avoid tight clothing while at sleep

4. Family Time

4.1. Romance with spouse

4.2. Playtime with Kids

4.3. Family Holidays

4.4. Meal time with family

4.5. Share your thoughts over the meal

5. Diet

5.1. Regular intake of water & liquid foods

5.2. More Fruits & Veggies to detox your body

5.3. Have a diet plan

5.4. Lose weight - fat

5.5. Avoid aerated drinks

5.6. Eat 2 hours before sleep

5.7. Eat heavy breakfast and light dinner

5.8. Avoid spicy & oily food at night

5.9. Balance blood sugar

5.10. Drink herbal tea

5.11. Avoid caffeine

5.12. Avoid Alcoholic drinks

5.13. Avoid junk foods

6. Exercise Routine

6.1. Running

6.2. Jogging

6.3. Biking

6.4. Swimming

6.5. Morning and Evening Walks

6.6. Nature walks during weekends

6.7. Relax your eyes & mind

6.8. Daily yoga in the morning & evening

6.9. Exercise during daytime

6.10. Set the breathing rhythm

7. Healthy Life Style

7.1. Late night alcohol consumption

7.2. Regular Food intake

7.3. Take a short nap before you drive late night

7.4. Donot chat late night socialise during weekends

7.5. Donot nap during the day

7.6. Personal Hygiene

7.6.1. Cleanse before you sleep

7.7. Recharge your body on weekends

7.8. Avoid sleep medication & drugs

7.9. Health check every month (Nutrients & vitamin deficiencies should be corrected)

7.10. Donot try the fast & temporary sleep solutions