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Computers by Mind Map: Computers

1. Input devices provide input or add data to a computer

1.1. Electronic Whiteboard

1.1.1. Application to Learning Students can complete activites such as completing sentences by dragging and dropping words into blanks. My son's Mandarin class does this for vocabulary exercises. Students take turns completing sentences.

1.1.2. Benefits Interactivity for student engagement Good for tactile learners Also functions as a traditional whiteboard Also functions as an output device: data projector

1.1.3. Challenges Shy students may be reluctant to demonstrate work in front of class. Limits number of students who may interact at the same time Possibly limiting for students with mobility issues Technical requirements for setting up and calibration may be difficult for some.

2. Output devices provide output or data generated from a computer

2.1. Data Projector

2.1.1. Benefits Teacher may share content on single computer with entire classroom. Environmental benefit in reducing amount on photocopying When projecting a computer with DVD playing capability, can replace need for standalone TV and DVD player. Good for visual learners and hearing impaired

2.1.2. Application to Learning Teacher may demonstrate actions to be modeled by students at their individual workstations. When working in libraries, we commonly did this to show students how to use electronic databases. We would demonstrate searches while students performed the same or similar searches from their computers.

2.1.3. Challenges Students with vision issues may have difficulty viewing content. Classroom lights may need to be dimmed or turned off for visibility. Physical layout of classroom may make it challenging to position projector appropriately if it is not ceiling mounted or a short throw projector. Expense for initial purchase and for replacement light bulbs Limited interactivity when compared with electronic whiteboard; as an input-only device, interactions are unidirectional.